Sowing calendar for 11.01 - gardeners and gardeners

January 2021

January 11, Monday, 27-28th lunar day. The waning moon is in Sagittarius


Sow onion, green, and spice crops on abundant greens, and root crops and legumes on seeds.

Sowing of fast-growing medicinal and flowering plants, in particular those that form a climbing, upward stem, is recommended on this day.

Loosen the soil in the beds, thin and huddle the shoots, clean the crops of weeds, remove the root shoots, stepchildren, diseased shoots and unnecessary strawberry whiskers.

Treat plants for ticks and fungal pathogens.

Apply organic fertilizers to the soil.


Garlic, various types of onions and hot peppers planted on this day will give excellent seed material. You can sow soybeans, beans and beans, plant Jerusalem artichoke, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Sow fennel, lemon balm, asparagus.

Planting is possible from indoor plants:

  • campanula;
  • sansevieria;
  • reed palms;
  • ficus sacred;
  • Zephyranthes of Atamas.

Not recommended

Do not water or prune plants in Scorpio.

Do not cut trees, do not twist tree stumps, do not dig the ground.


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Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener for March 2021

March - the first spring month, which brings new concerns to gardeners and gardeners, especially when growing seedlings on window sills, and preparing the garden for sowing and planting various crops.

Lunar sowing calendar of the gardener and gardener for March 2021 years for planting and growing plants at home and in the garden. Auspicious days marked in the lunar calendar will help plan the sequence of work on the site.

The weather is not yet stable in March. Trees in the garden need care after severe winter frosts and cold winds - sanitary pruning of broken, frost-stricken branches. After trimming, the slices must be whitewashed with lime.

Before budding on fruit trees and shrubs, treat them with a Bordeaux liquid 3% solution. This solution will get rid of the eggs of such pests as scale insects, aphids, ticks, leaf rollers, caterpillars of the apple moth that hibernated on the bark.

The gardener's sowing calendar for March 2021 indicates Moscow time.

Carrying out work on caring for plants should be on favorable days, which are summarized in the table.

Auspicious days for sowing seeds for seedlings in March 2021


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