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The motor mower is used to cut the grass at the base. The first model presented in Italy dates back to 1946. It is an excellent and rather useful machine, capable of doing a good job thus avoiding it being done manually. The greatest convenience is undoubtedly related to the rather extensive fields, because in a short time you have the possibility to keep the field clean. Over time, different models have followed to improve performance. Today the motor mower it is quite comfortable and easy to handle and it is an agricultural machine widespread in many countries. Initially the engines were oil-powered and started with the crank, while today they are fueled by diesel. Recently also the motor mower mountain that safely allows you to reach even the most inaccessible areas. As we have seen, in the agricultural field there are many small technological revolutions that have undoubtedly improved work in the fields, making it easier and rather faster than in the past.


Motor mowers differ from each other in size. Everyone must choose the one that seems to be most appropriate to their needs. Where there is an agricultural field with the presence of a vineyard, the motor mower must have a size that does not create any damage. At the shops that deal with the sale of these agricultural equipment it is possible to view all the descriptive cards relating to each model in order to realize which could be more suitable for your needs. In addition, even the same dealer can provide useful advice on the purchase of the motor mower. The more informed customer can also request a model recently presented on the market and order it, if it is not present in the store.

Where to buy

The motor mower, being a purely agricultural machinery, is on sale in specialized shops in the sale of this item. It is of course advisable not to use this agricultural machine in the presence of children, and especially after having carefully read all the instructions on the package leaflet. If you are unfamiliar in this sector, it is advisable to rely on a person who has some experience in the sector, both for the choice during the purchase and for the first few times you use it. In the event of a fault, it is preferable to contact a specialized person directly for repair. In any case, those who do not want to spend an excessive cost can always turn to the second-hand market, but to make the best choice it will be essential to have the appropriate knowledge in the sector in order to purchase a motor mower in good condition.

How to choose it

The motor mower must be chosen always bearing in mind the specific characteristics of each model. Furthermore, it is a machine that will certainly be exploited by those who constantly work the land, otherwise it could turn out to be a useless purchase. Naturally, those who work full-time as a farmer will have a rather in-depth knowledge of this sector, something that those who are approaching the purchase of an agricultural machine for the first time may not have. For this reason, it is always advisable to rely on the hands of a qualified person who can indicate the most suitable model of motor mower. For the purchase, those who rely on the Internet have particular knowledge in the agricultural machinery sector and it is advisable to first read up on the model that could be more suitable for their needs and then begin to orient themselves in this sector. It is also necessary to have a certain command of the machinery to drive without problems. For this reason it is essential to gradually approach the use of the motor mower.

Motor mowers: Costs

It is always preferable to ask for costs relating to the agricultural machinery sector directly in the shop, because each model has a different price. For this reason it is essential that the customer is personally aware of the quality to understand if it is a good purchase or not. For those who do not want to orient themselves on the new market, they can always refer to the second-hand market. In this way it could save considerably, but remembering to ensure the good quality and condition of the machinery itself.

Rotary tillers and motor mowers

There are some agricultural tools that are absolutely necessary for the cultivation of a land and among these are the motor hoes and motor mowers.

The tiller it is used for working the surface of the soil, to move it and turn it over, the so-called milling. This is equipped with an engine and for this reason, it is more f.

There are some agricultural tools that are absolutely necessary for the cultivation of a land and among these are the motor hoes and motor mowers.

The tiller it is used for working the surface of the soil, to move it and turn it over, the so-called milling. This is equipped with a motor and for this reason, it is easier to use in superficial soil work, to move it before sowing, but also simply to make it lighter and to drain it. The tiller is essential when you need to fertilize the soil to distribute it evenly. This tool is essential especially when you need to remove weeds, which are very dangerous or when you need to mix the soil with any organic parts to favor their decomposition and make them become natural fertilizer.

The motor mower
, on the other hand, it is used to cut the grass at the base and is another indispensable tool for cultivating a land. This is used to keep the soil clean, obviously, the more the surface of the soil to be cultivated is, the more this tool is needed.

Today there are many models of motor hoes and motor mowers available on the market, capable of satisfying every need. They are easy to handle and very light machines, studied and designed to make as little effort as possible. They have one or two wheels and are equipped with brakes. Both of these agricultural tools are equipped with a four-stroke engine, petrol-powered with a single gear and electric start, they are light and easy to handle, ideal for tilling small vegetable gardens, greenhouses and gardens. Some models are also equipped with reverse gear. The controls are positioned on the handlebar to guide it. The tiller is equipped with a rotating axis, on this there are hoes that are used to turn the soil.
It is important to use this agricultural tool in complete safety, for this reason all the instructions for correct use must be read before using it. Both rotary tillers and motor mowers must always be checked before starting work. The air filter must always be cleaned and if there is lubricating oil it must be changed. These tools must be kept in a sheltered and safe place.

Motor mowers are irreplaceable agricultural tools for those who use cut grass to give it to livestock, since the motor mower cuts it exclusively at the base while preserving its integrity. The motor mower is equipped with an internal combustion engine, with two blades and can have a single blade movement, where only the one above moves. Then there are the latest generation, functional and modern double-blade models, where both blades move with opposing motion. Then there are the multifunctional ones, in which the motor mower can also be converted to a different equipment and become a lawn mower or walking tractor, by purchasing additional accessories. The motor mowers always have an electric starter, a petrol engine with various gears, a handlebar with a practical and ergonomic grip and easy to handle and drive on any type of surface, even those with a slope or not perfectly level.

We have a wide range of rotary tillers and mowers for hobby use is professional.
These models have been created for those who, while working, can carry out various tasks with easy-to-handle and very light machines designed to make as little effort as possible.

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Eurosystems P70 EVO self-propelled motor mower - Kohler XTX-775 engine - 102 cm double blade mower - 98.6600.500 + 90.5270.170

Eurosystems P70 EVO self-propelled motor mower - Kohler XTX-775 engine - 102 cm double blade mower -



The Eurosystems multifunction walking tractor is updated and becomes even more practical and comfortable in daily use.
The locking system of the handlebar support has been improved, making it more practical and intuitive in tightening.

For greater comfort, the effort to be applied to the accessory engagement lever has been reduced: the transmission is more robust, durable and smooth.

With its 3 + 2 gearbox (2 + 1 in milling) and its reversibility, it is able to work in both directions of travel with the right forward speeds with the different tools: mower deck, cutter and cutter bar. The tilting system of the motor, with an innovative patented belt system, allows with a simple and economical solution to be able to work even in extreme slope conditions.

The accessory cutter bar 102 cm it is of the type with movement bilama (both the lower and upper blades move and in opposite motion). This differentiates it from all traditional motor mowers on the market which are still with single blade movement.

Suitable for mowing uncultivated and wild grass, even very tall ones , or grass to be recovered for livestock feed. In fact, the peculiarity of motor mowers is to preserve the total integrity of the cut grass after cutting, by making only one cut at the base of the same.

This self-propelled petrol mower can work on all kinds of surfaces, even with a little slope and not perfectly flat.

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