Dodgy Pike - Pike Fishing

The day when Vadim and I, my constant fishing companion, went to Ladoga, turned out to be sunny, but cold and very windy. When we got out onto the open ice, we immediately felt how much it was blowing out. And although we were going to fish exclusively with jigs and spinners, Vadim suddenly changed his mind and said:

- I don’t want to freeze, sitting motionless, I’ll catch it on the zippers.

... Vadim and I never persuade each other to change their minds. We always act according to the principle: as you intended, do so. So I said nothing. While he was busy with live bait in the coastal reeds, I drilled several holes with an ice drill, including three for Vadim. When he returned, a dozen and a half brushes and perches were floating in his bucket. The largest of them was no more than an index finger. By that time I had already caught a heel of ruffs.

Vadim, in addition to mine, drilled four more holes, placing them at a distance of 50-60 meters from each other. When he fixed the next pole on the pole and went to the next hole, I, examining the already set tackle, noticed that a signal flag had risen on one of them. I shouted:

- Vadim, look, bite!

He looked around and ran to this vest. I saw how he made a sweep and began to quickly sort out the line. And when he pulled it out, he showed me its end: the fish broke the line along with a metal lead and a tee.

Vadim tied a new tee to the remaining line, put on live bait and lowered it into the hole. After some time, the alarm went off on one of the distant holes. Vadim hurried there and pulled out a small pike - grass. Half an hour later, another pike was caught, slightly larger than the first. There were no other bites on the zherlitsa, and Vadim came up to me.

- Join, - I invited. - My fish, although small, but often comes across. And he doesn't bite the line.

- No, I ... - he suddenly fell silent in mid-sentence and rushed to the hole, on which the alarm went off. Exactly to the one where the leash with the tee was lost. Alas, history repeated itself: the second time the fish broke off the tee and the leash.

Seeing how upset my partner was, I advised:

- No wonder they say: God loves trinity. Put on a new zherlitsa, maybe you will get lucky. Only this time do not leave her, so as not to miss a bite.

Although not very willing, Vadim nevertheless agreed ... Having planted live bait, he sat down on the box and bent over the hole. Twenty, thirty, forty minutes - not a single bite.

Finally, Vadim could not stand it, called me over to him and reasoned:

- Since you offered to put a zherlitsa in this unlucky hole, then let's sit in my place. Wait, as they say, by the sea for the weather.

... Nothing to do, and I replaced it. He took the line in his hand and froze in alert anticipation. Time passed slowly, painfully, and gradually my alertness dulled. In order to somehow diversify the monotony of the motionless sitting, I occasionally glanced around, and therefore did not immediately feel that the line suddenly twitched slightly. Rather, it was a gentle pull.

However, I caught myself in time and instantly hooked. And then he felt the fish rush into the depths. Holding the line that was quickly unwinding from the gutter with my hand, I waited for it to unwind to the end. Then he began to slowly pull the fish to the hole. She jerked a few more times, but I, keeping the line in tension, gave slack at the right moment, and in the end I dragged at least two kilograms of pike onto the ice. As soon as the predator was on the ice, I saw a line with a leash and a tee on the left at the edge of the lower lip.

Vadim who came to the rescue immediately drew attention to this tee and, looking at the fish, said:

- If we assume that this place is the hunting grounds of one pike, then where is the other missing tee?

“Maybe it was ripped off by another pike, or this one managed to throw it out through the gills. It happens sometimes. You better see how cleverly she cut the line. Wound it on the body, and when the metal leash ended, easily bite the line above it.

- And you, it turns out, did not give her such a chance, because you quickly hooked, - concluded Vadim.

I thought that no matter how cunning and resourceful a fish is, a person will still outwit it. And our case is a clear confirmation of this.

Alexander Nosov

How to make a fishing slingshot

Perhaps it will be a discovery for many that slingshots are used to feed fish at a distance of 30-40 meters from the coast, but not for the fishermen themselves. This simple device is popular nowadays. A characteristic feature of the slingshot used in the fishing industry is rubber. The strength of the flight depends on its rigidity. The softer the rubber, the closer and vice versa. In fishing shops, you can find two types of slingshots: for loose mixtures of complementary foods and complementary foods in lumps. Consider a slingshot master class, which in fact turns out to be no worse than the factory version.

  • Pezzer catheter
  • Strong thread
  • A branch resembling the letter Y
  • Scissors, knife
  • A small piece of skin.
  1. We clean the finished branch from the bark. You can do this with a knife or use sandpaper.
  2. We get rid of the existing moisture using the microwave, after wrapping it with a cloth or dry it for about a month, if there is time for this.
  3. Cut out small transverse grooves in the upper axis of the branch.
  4. We tie each end of the catheter with a dense thread to two holes.
  5. We cut out the leather jackets necessary in shape from the leather.
  6. Make holes on the sides and attach the ends of the catheter to them. We fasten it tightly with a thread.

Recommendations for use:

To keep the force of the flight as strong as possible, it is recommended to keep the slingshot upright. Make the balls the same, of the same weight, so that you know the approximate distance from the shore. The elastic should be tightened with maximum effort.

They say even a stick fires once a year, so take your slingshot seriously. Use it for its intended purpose, namely: to hit objects for the development of accuracy, for game, feeding and to help with the household.

Stuffed pike

I propose to cook the queen of the festive table, namely stuffed pike. It is not hard to prepare, the most difficult thing will be to pull off the skin, otherwise everyone will cope.

  • pike (or pike perch) weighing about 700 g
  • bread - 100 g
  • milk - 200 ml
  • egg - 1 pc.
  • onions - 150 g
  • boiled rice (optional) - 1-2 tbsp. spoons
  • greens to taste
  • mayonnaise to taste
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

Clean the pike, do not cut the abdomen, do not cut out the fins, separate the head, remove the gills. Make cuts in a circle to separate the skin from the meat. Carefully, slowly, peel off the skin. The skin does not come off easily. Cut off the bone at the base of the tail. Remove the entrails from the fish. Separate the meat from the bones. Soak the bread in milk.

Pass the meat through a meat grinder (meat can be skipped 2-3 times), bread, onions (you can grind everything in a blender).

Mix meat, onions, bread, rice, herbs. Season with salt and pepper. Add the egg. Mix well. Stuff the skin with the resulting mass (it is not necessary to stuff very tightly, otherwise the skin may burst).

Put it on foil (you can grease the foil a little with vegetable oil), attach your head. Brush with mayonnaise. Wrap the foil. Place in the oven. Bake at 180 ° C for an hour.

Cool completely and only then unfold the foil.

Decorate to taste. Serve the pike cold.

If the fish is frozen, the skin separates faster, but the disadvantage of this method is that it is extremely uncomfortable to work with cold fish, you have to periodically warm your hands in warm water.

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Any business, as you know, starts from the stove. And she gives warmth, and sows discord in the family, if there is no wood to throw into the furnace on a frosty day. Heating with solid fuel is also a visible symbol of the wealth of the owners. Some have a fireplace side by side with luxury, others have a "potbelly stove" survived all ...

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This book tells about the rivers and lakes of the Volga side, where everlasting pine forests rustle, sunsets melt and summer dawns blaze in the mirror of sleepy water. Storm winds roar, and the surf hits the steep bank of the Volga. The rosy frosts come, and the snow crunches underfoot on the endless expanses of the Volzhs ...

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A selection of stories about fishing and our mortal life in the arms of Mother Nature. The anthropogenic press presses on the pristine world, but it still does not give up and still pleases the primitive hunter-hunters with good catches and the splendor of lakes and rivers. Will the future generation see and feel what the view ...

This book tells about the hobby closest to the soul - fishing. Here the reader will see pictures of forest life, where a family of ravens lives forever on a deep lake and a yellow-bellied pit pike is caught from the ice. The Volga will meet with endless expanses and winds smelling of hoarfrost and smoke of a fire with wasps ...

There is almost no fiction in these simple stories, stories and essays. Everything has been experienced by the author, tested in his own experience, often on the verge of life and death. There were nights on the ice, and quiet sunsets by the forest lake. The blizzard knocked down, drowned under the ice, everything was there. The author wanted to share this with the readers. BUT…

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This book is a collection of rare stories about rare people whose hobbies were the noble hunting and fishing. A brief history of hunting - from the first ax to the present day. Sergey Aksakov, Vladimir Gilyarovsky, Alexander Ostrovsky, Nikolai Przhevalsky, Leonid Sabaneev, Gerald Darrell, Jim Corbett, Ernest Hemingu ...

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Fishing dictionary of Prikamye

The dictionary contains vocabulary and phraseology of living folk speech, reflecting the peculiarities of the tradition and culture of fishing in the Kama region. The main place in the dictionary is occupied by dialectal material, revealing the folk experience of fishing in the Perm Territory in the XX-XXI centuries. The total volume of the dictionary is over 1100 words ...

In the book, the author of the television program "One on the River" Roman Shklovsky has collected descriptions of all his adventures. The main distinguishing feature of his fishing trips is that he does everything himself. He doesn't have a film crew. He films himself with several video sets ...

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The book provides a characteristic and a detailed description of the most diverse ways of fishing in specific natural and climatic conditions. ...

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There is no rest more absorbing for the whole person than fishing. Fishermen are simply obsessed with their hobby. And it's not at all about catching fish, the main thing here is excitement! Luring a fish, catching it on a hook - this pleasure is incomparable. However, if anyone thinks that the success of fishing will determine ...

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Fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities. There are many fishing clubs, periodicals, Internet sites dedicated to fishing, which is why we decided to write a book about the peculiarities of fishing for the carp family and help you understand in more detail ...

This book was written by a man with a wealth of fishing experience. Alexey Goryainov is a versatile angler who is fluent in all known types of amateur tackle. For more than two decades, he has been a regular contributor to leading fishing magazines, a member of thematic bodies ...

Fishing rod and match tackle technique

Fishing is not only a hobby, but also a state of mind. The end result of each individual fishing is determined by the mass of subjective and objective factors, of which the skill and experience of the angler comes first. The latter, although acquired or developed over the years, but without theoretical ...

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What's scarier - failing your magical fishing exams or getting chickened out in the face of the danger that threatens the destruction of the world? Can a noble elf be a traitor, and a disgusting goblin a friend? Will not the experienced dean of the faculty of fishery save at the most crucial moment ...

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To enjoy both the romance and the catch, Rybalov has to seriously storm the science, whose name is fishing. From this book you will learn how to find fish, how and what to feed it so as not to frighten it off, how to properly throw the bottom tackle, how to hook and pull the fish out of the water, how to make a claim yourself ...

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Fishing is not a hobby, not a habit. Fishing is a state of mind, but not only ... To enjoy both the romance and the catch, Rybalov has to seriously storm the science whose name is fishing. And this book will help him in this. It is encyclopedic in nature. It contains full info ...

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Fishing is not a hobby, not a habit. Fishing is a state of mind, but not only ... To enjoy both the romance and the catch, Rybalov has to seriously storm the science whose name is fishing. One of the most famous types of fishing is fly fishing. Fly fishing was considered elite in our country ...

Primarily Russian Fishing: Life and Fishing for Freshwater Fish

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Fishing is not a hobby, not a habit. Fishing is a state of mind, but not only ... With the onset of winter, reservoirs and, above all, with stagnant water freeze and this type of fishing is gaining popularity, such as fishing from under the ice. The book tells in detail how to dress a fisherman for winter fishing and what ...

Fishing for carp, bream, silver carp, grass carp. Secrets and Tricks of Successful Fishing

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Fishing is not a hobby, not a habit. Fishing is a state of mind, but not only ... To enjoy both the romance and the catch, Rybalov has to seriously storm the science whose name is fishing. There are many types of amateur fishing (float, spinning, donk), ...

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Fishing is not a hobby, not a habit. Fishing is a state of mind, but not only ... To enjoy both the romance and the catch, Rybalov has to seriously storm the science whose name is fishing. And this book will help him in this. It tells about the basics of fishing, about the types of reservoirs, in ...

This book was written by a man with a wealth of fishing experience. Alexey Georgievich Goryainov is a versatile angler who is fluent in all known types of amateur tackle. For more than two decades he has been working in the framework of fishing literature, is a regular author of the leading ...

Hunting and fishing are among the most ancient human occupations. It is both leisure and science. They have their own laws, rules that must be known and followed in order to maintain harmony in nature. In the book you will find a lot of useful information on how to properly organize hunting and fishing, what ...

So, the first moment with which you need to decide is the place to catch it. The final result of fishing will largely depend on this. The place must first be prepared. On deep holes in the reservoir (8-10 meters), you will need to throw branches, having previously tied stones or any other load to them. We advise you to be sure to carefully remember the boundaries of the area where you are going to catch a toothy predator.

The bottom, where there are many snags, is very convenient for fish. Also, such a snagged place is perfectly protected from the networks of poachers. For the winter, small fish usually roll down into the hole, and the pike will just follow it. Just in such a place, you just need to make a hole, lower the tackle with live bait there and you will be guaranteed success.

For experienced anglers, the caution of pike is not a secret, so one hole at the fishing site will not be enough, it is better to drill a dozen of them. You need to drill holes for fishing not far from each other. The best option is in 4 - 5 meters. But move on the ice of the reservoir should be careful, if you make noise it can easily frighten off a cautious predator.

Try to drill the hole in such a way that it expands closer to the water, this is done for the convenience of playing fish. The pike should be hooked sharply, there is no need to tighten and do it immediately as soon as the bite followed, because after the pike grabbed the spoon, it still continues to move on. And while she has not yet come to her senses, your task is to bring her to the hole and carefully bring her onto the ice.

Advice on the topic. If you fish with live bait, then in this case the holes need to be covered with snow or a piece of cardboard prepared for this purpose, since the pike cannot stand bright light.

Preparing tackle for successful fishing

The pike is a rather insidious fish and many different tackles were invented to catch it.

Preparing the rod

The rod for catching this predatory fish must be strong, and the length of the rod is recommended over 30 centimeters. If you are going to fish with small and light lures, then in this case it is recommended to put a hard and short nod on the rod. But, if your attachment is heavy, then you may not use the nod at all, because in this case you will feel even the bite of a small pike without difficulty. The fishing line on the rod must be strong and withstand a serious load, but at the same time it must be elastic. The rigging of a leash for winter tackle is a prerequisite, because all lines, regardless of their strength, can easily be gnawed by a pike. You can use a metal cable as a leash. The length of such a leash should be between 25 and 30 centimeters.

Choosing a spoon

The next point in the preparation of tackle is the choice of spinners for pike fishing. Spoons should be chosen with an oscillating length ranging from 6 to 12 centimeters. Such spoons are "popular" both among serious representatives of this predator species and among small pikes. You need to install a tee on such a bait, because pike often leaves a single hook. If the weather on the day of fishing is sunny outside, then you should use bright varieties of spoons, but in cloudy weather use dark, dull baits. The lure play should not be as active as when fishing for perch. Wiring should be done smoothly and with long pauses between them.

You will be told about the technique and tactics of catching pike in winter in this video. We look.

Another popular tackle that many fishermen use is the stalker. It is made on the basis of a strong line. The best option for the girdle is a braid with a diameter of 0, 20 mm. It has higher strength and one more advantage - on such a thin leash, the game of live bait is much better and more attractive for a predator. The components of the crosspiece are a reel, a pole with a signaling device, a retainer, as well as a still strong fishing line and a hook with a sinker. The reel must be used with a large diameter, this will not allow the line on it to deform very much, this is especially evident in frosty weather. The color of the vein is also important, colorless threads are the best option.

The sinker should be firmly fixed on the fishing line, for this, an olive is taken whose weight is up to 10 grams, and if you fish at greater depths, then its mass in this case can reach 20 grams.

This video will just tell you how to fish for pike in winter on the zherlitsa. We look.

On a note! Pike is especially active:

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  1. On soft, calm days, when a light westerly or southwesterly wind blows.
  2. When atmospheric pressure is stable, i.e. ranging from 740 to 745 mm. In short-term snowfalls.
  3. Less active biting can be on sunny days with frost.
  4. If the day turned out to be cloudy, then the predator is active during the whole daylight period.
  5. In winter, weather conditions, as well as atmospheric pressure, significantly affect the active behavior of not only the object of our catch - pike, but also the whole fish in general.

Types of baits for fishing pike in winter

During the dead-winter period, it is best to use a perch or a ruff for baiting, since they are its usual food during this period. When the weather is more favorable for good fishing, we advise you to choose a roach as bait. The main point that determines the entire success of fishing is the choice of a good live bait. A good live bait is one that will actively "play" on the hook, and with its play attract the attention of a toothy predator. 15-30 grams is the optimal weight of live bait, which should be when fishing in the winter.

Another type of catching "striped predator" is fishing with a balance beam. You can see how to do it in winter in this video.

Open water pike fishing begins in early spring. They begin to catch it near the coast, in places where the ice has melted. Pike spawning begins early, simultaneously with the beginning of the ice drift. After spawning, the body needs to restore the expended energy, and the pike begins to eat. In the spring, you should look for pike in oxygen-rich places where fish fry may accumulate. As a rule, these are coastal shallows that quickly warm up in the sun, free of ice.
In summer, the pike chooses quieter places where there is no fast current. She loves to hide at the borders of the dump behind stones and snags. The largest pike should be found in the deepest places. The largest individuals live in bottom pits. When choosing a fishing site, you should take a closer look at where the pike hunts young fish. These places are determined by the characteristic "battle" - splashes at the surface of the water.
In autumn, pike hunts very actively. The onset of winter makes it look for prey in the shallows and in the depths, preparing for the upcoming winter.

How to catch pike

There are several ways to fish for pike, which vary greatly. For pike fishing are used:
• spinning
• float rod
• zherlitsa
• circles.

The most sporting type of angling is spinning. Pike is caught on this tackle throughout the season. There are no differences in the spinning technique depending on the season. The same fishing techniques apply. First of all, this is a walking search in places of possible appearance of pike. It happens that when fishing for possible habitats for pike, spinners walk several kilometers along the shore. When fishing on a spinning rod, all known artificial baits are used: wobbler, spoon, jig head (with a twister or vibrotail).

The float rod is also used for pike fishing. Live bait is used to equip it - small fish, which are put on a hook. It is important that the live bait has the opportunity to swim approximately 10 meters, for which it is necessary to ensure a sufficient length of the fishing line, since when the predator approaches, the live bait begins to move.

The largest specimens are often caught on the girder. This tackle is also equipped with live bait. It is installed, as a rule, at night in the places of the supposed habitat of the pike. The zherlitsa must be firmly fixed with a strong pole or improvised means.

Mugs are the most common way to fish for pike. Their use also involves the use of live bait. The circles are floated or anchored. It happens that anglers use up to ten circles at a time.

Used attachments

For pike fishing, artificial baits and live baits are used. Most often, gudgeon, roach, rudd are used as live bait. Live bait should be caught in the same reservoir where pike fishing is supposed. They are caught with the help of a special net - a scarecrow. It is not recommended to use a fishing rod with a hook for fishing live bait.
Today the variety of artificial lures is very great. Almost all of them are used by spinners for pike fishing. The choice of a specific bait depends on the fishing conditions, the size of the intended prey and the preferences of the angler. With all the variety, most often spinningists prefer the well-proven "turntables" and "vibrators"

Zhivtsov should be stored in the water of the reservoir from which they were caught. It would be just as good to monitor the oxygen regime. In stores, you can now find special vessels for storing live bait - cannes. Some of them are even equipped with air inflation devices. Many fishermen in the old fashioned way use a soccer ball chamber to supply air, oxygen in it is enough for several hours.

Live bait should be planted on the hook in such a way that it can move and look natural. When fishing on rivers, live bait is most often put on the lips, in lakes or oxbows behind the back, at the same time, one must try not to damage his vital organs. Live bait is removed from the storage tank with a small landing net, which excludes additional injury.

With different methods of fishing for pike, worms, leeches, the entrails of a bat bird, pieces of fish, tadpoles and frogs are also applicable as baits. It has been noticed that the pike willingly takes the frog in autumn and winter. However, you should only use baits that are familiar to the fish in the given pond.

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