Instructions for use of the drug Corado from the Colorado potato beetle

Corado is a chemical preparation for the destruction of the Colorado potato beetle and potato ladybug in personal subsidiary plots, on private garden lands. Also effective against other pests. This insecticide is officially registered by the state and is freely sold in stores. Corado is a pesticide (that is, a pesticide), and its use is possible only strictly according to the instructions.

Description and characteristics of the drug Corado

The traditional packaging - with a blue background - has recently been replaced by a brighter orange-brown. The image of Colorado beetles and their larvae remains unchanged.

Corado Insecticide Manufacturer - the Russian company "Your economy" (the head office is located in Nizhny Novgorod). Liquid product; for ease of dosage, it is packed in packages of various sizes:

  • ampoule 1 ml in a bag;
  • box of 5 ampoules of 1 ml;
  • 10 ml bottle per package;
  • bottle of 25 ml in a box.

Each individual package is supplied with instructions.

Recently, LLC "Your economy" has also been producing the drug "Corado - protection against onion and carrot flies": 2 ampoules of 2 ml in a single blister.

Historical reference

Liquid in ampoule or bottle - a solution of a substance called imidacloprid at a concentration of 200 g / l. This newest chemical was developed by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer. Her sole worldwide patent recently expired, and now imidacloprid can be freely produced and sold by any enterprise. A large number is produced by China and supplied for packaging to other countries.

Imidacloprid belongs to the chemical group of neonicotinoids - artificial analogs of the natural nicotine alkaloid.


The alkaloid nicotine is found in the tops of plants of the Solanaceae family. There is especially a lot of it in tobacco. Even in antiquity, it was noticed that the infusion of tobacco has a detrimental effect on many insects. In the twentieth century, artificial pure nicotine was synthesized, but it turned out to be a strong poison not only for insects, but also for humans. Scientists continued their research and developed new substances - neonicotinoids, in small doses poisonous to insects, but relatively safe for humans and animals.

In the modern world, 5 main neonicotinoids are used to combat insects in everyday life and in agriculture:

  • thiacloprid (only for large agricultural enterprises),
  • thiamethoxam (Aktara),
  • acetamiprid (Stozhar, Mospilan),
  • clothianidin (Apache, Bushido, Punisher),
  • imidacloprid (several dozen drugs).

General properties of neonicotinoids

  1. High toxicity for many insects gnawing leaves and sucking plant juices (including for the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae).
  2. Virtually no "addictive" effect is observed: insects do not adapt to poison.
  3. The chemical penetrates the plant and spreads to stems, leaves, flowers. It stays there for 2-4 weeks. Almost does not get into fruits and tubers.

Neonicotinoids are highly toxic to bees, bumblebees and other beneficial pollinating insects. These substances are banned in many countries around the world. They can not be used on flowering plants and near them. If a plant is sprayed before flowering, then the pollen of its flowers will be fatal to bees for almost a month. There is evidence that regular neonicotinoid treatments reduce the number of earthworms.

Features of imidacloprid

Since imidacloprid is not protected by a world patent (unlike other "brothers"), it is available to any manufacturer and packer. Due to competition, it has the lowest price in the world market. This chemical is widely used to treat plants from many insects: aphids, greenhouse whiteflies, various beetles, flies, thrips, soil pests.

It is especially appreciated that the substance can be applied not only by spraying, but also during watering, processing of seeds and tubers. It will spread through the vessels of the plant and kill any insects that eat leaves, stems, processed grains or tubers within 2-4 weeks.... The poison weakly penetrates the growing fruits.

Imidacloprid is found in many agrochemicals. It is it that is contained in popular seed potato dressing agents (Prestige, Tabu, etc.).


Imidacloprid at a concentration of 200 g / l is named differently by each manufacturer. The company "Your economy" named it Corado, and other firms: Confidelin, Komandor, Tanrek, Zubr, Imidor, Biotlin, Iskra Zolotaya. If Corado is recommended only against the Colorado potato beetle and apple aphid, then other drugs of a similar composition fight various aphids, flower beetles, thrips, bedbugs, greenhouse whitefly.

These funds are interchangeable, and Corado has a wider spectrum of action than indicated in the recommendations of its supplier.

That is why the firm "Your economy" released two more preparations with the same content - 200 g / l of imidacloprid: "Kortlis" (against aphids on currants, apple trees and potted crops) and "Corado - protection against onion and carrot flies". The same manufacturer offers a two-part chemical based on Corado - "Beetle number 1". To combat the Colorado potato beetle, Stozhar is also recommended, in which there is another neonicotinoid - acetamiprid: it is believed that it is less harmful to bees.

Instructions for using the drug from the Colorado potato beetle

The use of the product is wiser only when there is a real danger to the crop. It carries environmental risks and is not suitable for thoughtless prevention.

Storage conditions

Use within three years from the date of manufacture.

Store indoors, where it is not colder than -5 degrees and not higher than +25. Do not burn, do not burn.

Objects of influence

The chemical causes paralysis of the nervous system of insects.

The Colorado potato beetle and its larvae die from direct exposure to a pesticide (contact effect), as well as from eating foliage (intestinal poisoning). The egg-laying does not suffer, but the hatched larvae also die from the poison in the food (the greens remain poisonous for almost a month after processing).

The 28-point potato ladybug is a dangerous beetle that destroys potato tops in Primorye and Sakhalin. Fighting it is similar to that of the Colorado potato beetle.

Aphids on an apple tree are destroyed at any stage of the growing season. It is advisable to capture it in the initial period of settlement.

Biological insecticide Fitoverm copes with any aphid (analogues - Iskra Bio, Akarin); it is safer for the environment.

Processing time

  • The treatment is carried out once, at the first detection of pests on plants.
  • Avoid windy weather.
  • It should be at least 4 hours before it starts to rain. Then the chemical will penetrate into the plants, and precipitation will no longer weaken its action.
  • They choose evening (after 6 pm), in extreme cases - morning (before 10 am). This way, the influence of the sun is less and it is safer for the bees.
  • Temperature does not play a big role (the optimal range is wide: from +10 to + 26).

Application technology

The pesticide is applied by spraying. Spraying should be fine (a broom will not work).

  1. In an ampoule (bottle) there is a liquid concentrate, which is diluted with water - first in a small amount, then brought to the required volume. Prepare a solution before work, do not store for a long time.
  2. Recommended dosage: 1 ml of concentrate per 4 liters of water.
  3. Planting does not need to be soaked abundantly. Sufficient surface spraying with a consumption of 4 liters of solution per 1 hundred square meters. If at least one third of the plant is processed, there will be the desired concentration in the tissues.
  4. It is permissible to mix Corado with fungicides (for plant diseases), except for copper-containing preparations.


In the very first hours, insects almost stop their vital activity. Complete death occurs in 2-3 days, maximum - in 5. Protection from emerging larvae and newly arriving individuals lasts at least two weeks, up to a month.


  1. Usually, the drug does not irritate the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth, but it is better to protect yourself with standard protective clothing.
  2. All work must be carried out in the absence of children and pets.
  3. It is forbidden to spray flower plants visited by pollinating insects.
  4. Do not splash other crops, especially green crops. They will quickly penetrate into plants, they cannot be washed off with water. Heat treatment (cooking, frying) will not help either. The pesticide is destroyed only from time to time: in the plant after a month, in the soil almost after a year.
  5. Corado is fatal to aquatic life. Do not spray near water bodies, all the more to send the remains of the solution into them. They are poured into a hole, covered with earth.
  6. It is allowed to go to the treated plantation three days after processing. After 10 days, the concentration of poison in the leaves and tubers decreases. For insects, foliage will be poisonous for another 10-20 days.
  7. Imidacloprid has a 3rd (middle) hazard class for humans, mammals, animals, birds. The (accidental) consumption of concentrate and freshly processed herbs should be avoided. Poisoning symptoms: trouble breathing, trembling limbs, lethargy; in this case, an urgent visit to a doctor is required, otherwise the liver may suffer. Long-term food exposure to small doses can disrupt the endocrine system.

Before digging potatoes, it is recommended to wait at least three weeks after spraying.

Corado is very effective against the Colorado potato beetle. Acts quickly, does not cause addiction, reliably protects plantings for another month. The pesticide is applied strictly when necessary, with thorough observance of all safety rules.

The insecticide was developed on the basis of imidacloprid, a synthetic analogue of a potent toxic chemical made from tobacco leaves. 1 liter of the preparation contains 200 g of active substance.

Corado is available in the form of a liquid concentrate intended for subsequent dissolution in water. The drug goes on sale in glass ampoules of 1, 10, 20 or 25 ml. The pesticide is produced by the Russian company "Your Economy".

Getting into the intestines of beetles together with the eaten plants, imidacloprid helps to block the transmission of nerve impulses. As a result, pests develop paralysis, and after 24-48 hours they die.

The main active ingredient and indications for use

This drug is based on a complex targeted pesticide, imidacloprid, which, as an active ingredient, is part of a huge number of plant protection products.

Analogues are drugs that have already proven themselves in summer cottages:

  • Confidor
  • Tanrek
  • Prestige
  • and more than 30 items.

Moreover, the use of Corado is possible not only for the destruction of the Colorado potato beetle. It can be used against the potato ladybug, against aphids, tomatoes, cucumbers and horticultural crops, as well as against pests such as the harmful turtle and ground beetle.

Has a directed nerve-paralytic effect on the nervous system of pests and long-term residual activity. In this case, the maximum effect will not come immediately, but after 3-5 days and will last 14-28 days.

When working with Corado, the following safety precautions should be observed:

  • All manipulations with the drug, including the preliminary preparation of the working solution, should be carried out in protective clothing, a respirator or gauze bandage and glasses (mask).
  • During processing, smoke breaks, stops for eating and drinking, and going to the toilet are prohibited.
  • Children and pets must be removed from the work site in advance.
  • At the end of the spraying, take a shower, rinse your throat and rinse your nose.
  • In case of contact with the skin and eyes, they should be washed immediately with plenty of water (preferably with soap).
  • If swallowed, drink a large amount of activated charcoal and call an ambulance.

Additionally, before use, carefully read the instructions that come with the drug.

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Amateur gardener

Colorado potato beetle will be destroyed by "Corado"!

Packaging / barcode "Corado" is an effective drug against the Colorado potato beetle and aphids:
4607043205995 10 ml bottle in blister + gift
4607043200365 10 ml bottle in a blister
4607043200907 bottle of 25 ml in a box
4607043205971 5 ampoules of 1 ml in a box
4607043201386 ampoule 1 ml in a bag
4607043200686 1 ml ampoule in a blister

Packaging / barcode "Corado" fortified is an effective preparation for combating the Colorado potato beetle and aphids:
4620015699905 - reinforced ampoule 1 ml in a bag,
4620015698298 - reinforced 10 ml bottle in blister + gift. show box (package 1 ml).

Contains: VRK, 200 g / l imidacloprid.

Application: preparation of the working solution - pour 1 liter of water into the bucket, open the ampoule, pour into the bucket and mix thoroughly, then bring the working solution to the required volume (according to the table).

Spray the plants with a freshly prepared solution in dry, calm weather, preferably in the morning (before 10 am) or in the evening (18–22 hours), evenly wetting the leaves, at least 4-6 hours before rain. The optimum temperature for treatments is from +12 ° C to +25 ° C. Avoid spilling the solution on neighboring crops. Do not spray against the wind.

Release date on the treated areas after 3 days.


Precautions: Do not use food utensils to prepare the solution. The solution is not subject to storage. Carry out processing in the absence of children and animals. Work in specials. clothes. During work, do not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash your face and hands with soap, rinse your mouth with water. In case of contact with skin, wash with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with a large count. water for 15 minutes. In case of accidental swallowing - drink warm water (2-3 glasses), induce vomiting, drink a glass of water with activated charcoal (1 g per 1 kg of weight). If necessary, consult a doctor or consult a toxic person. center (works around the clock) (495) 928-16-87. Treatment is symptomatic. There are no antidotes. Highly hazardous for bees (1 class of danger). Do not process during flowering, carry out processing in the evening after sunset, with a wind speed of 1–2 m / s, limiting summer for bees - more than 4–6 days.

Keep separately from medicines and food products, feed, in a dry place out of the reach of children and animals, at temperatures from -5 ° С to +25 ° С. Keep away from fire!

Shelf life: 3 years.

Comment history.

Found aphids on young apricot leaves. I bought your drug to combat aphids on an apple tree. It also helped on one-time bushes. When studying the instructions, I drew attention to the need to avoid getting the drug on other crops. Can Corado be used on this crop?

They processed potatoes and the poison got on the berries, today they picked the berries, will boiling help get rid of the poison?

Boiling will not completely solve the problem.

Can tubers be treated with the drug before planting?

Potatoes are treated with the drug "Corado" during the growing season, by spraying.

And the potato tubers, before planting, it is better to process our preparation "Tuberculosis"

I processed the potatoes according to the instructions 6 days ago. Today I discovered that the beetles are still sitting on the bushes (((. A few hours after the treatment it started to rain. Could this have affected? And when can now you repeat the treatment.

Of course, rain significantly reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

It is believed that in order to achieve maximum effect, you need

so that after processing, 6 to 8 hours have passed.

It is advisable to repeat the treatment as soon as the weather permits.

Please tell us the region and district of your residence, as well as the air temperature on the day of processing. And if possible, send a photo of the drug you bought to find out if it is original, or a fake. Quote

Price, where can I get it?

The company "Your economy" is a manufacturer of all presented plant protection products. They are sold throughout the country, in large chains, as well as in small stores, markets, and also at the post office.

How many ampoules do you need for a 40 liter flask?

++ If an ampoule for a bucket is 5L. ( means 4 buckets for 5 liters-4. Ampoules for 1ml. And if a bucket is 10 liters, then 2 x 1 ml. (for 40 liters - 8 ampoules of 1 ml each. (Capacities of ampoules are different!) Look when buying!

2017-08-06 19:42 A very effective drug. I looked at the beginning of the beetles are not visible. through day 2 I found, then 8, then 10. I haven't looked for three days. came - dark larvae - ate a lot of leaves - read in the evening on the Internet about This drug. In the morning I bought it, processed it, so Happiness has come, everyone is gone! An amazingly effective product. Thanks to the developers !! !

Why the instructions do not indicate how to use the drug in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle on eggplants in the open field. For the southern regions, after harvesting potatoes, it is a huge problem. Beetles from all over the area creep in and leave only sticks. Eggplants grow until October - one treatment is not enough. Surely there are features, please indicate!

Elena 2017-07-16 09:25 An excellent drug, effective! Beetles "like".

alex 2016-08-09 10:08 We always use only this drug. Once I came across a fake, I thought that they decided to change the packaging. Processed potatoes, and the beetles only ask for more. Be careful. I don't throw out the old bottle until I buy a new one (for comparison)

Ivan 2016-03-23 ​​12:10 Yes, indeed, the drug has a VERY strong effect on the beetle! BUT Do not forget about the other side of the "coin" It also affects everything around! It strongly affects the nervous system of all living organisms. Every year the list of countries prohibiting the use of preparations of the group of insecticides and acaricides of the chemical class increases.

Tell me how often you can spray potatoes.

In general, our instructions provide 1 treatment for the whole summer.

what are the consequences for potatoes if treated with a solution of 1 ml per 1 liter

Because the drug "Corado" does not penetrate into the potato tubers and does not accumulate in them, then even with this treatment, the potatoes can be dug up and eaten, according to the instructions - 20 days after processing.

Oksana 2014-07-04 10:28 Hello. Please tell me after what time does Corado stop being toxic? Our cat is walking in the garden. We sprayed potatoes in the evening at 21 o'clock. Can the cat walk in the garden the next day? will he not be poisoned if he walks around the potatoes, and then lick himself? Thank you

I would like to know: is it possible to use "Corado" during the flowering and flowering of potatoes?

Yes, the use of the drug "Corado" during the flowering and flowering of potatoes is possible, but no later than 20 days before harvesting.

Does the accumulation of the drug in tubers not occur with a single treatment over the summer or does it not accumulate with several treatments?

When imidacloprid enters the plant, it decomposes within 3-4 weeks after treatment.

Sergey 2013-08-12 07:45 However, you have brooding specialists. Until they answer, they will eat all the potatoes - either the bugs or ourselves.

I passed the question over to specialists.

2013-07-04 10:48 I quote Daria:

"at the same time, even after the rain, which washed away part of the drug from the grass into the soil" And the instructions say that it is not washed off by the rains. What to believe?

It's not very clear what this is about ...

The drug got on the berries during spraying. Now you can't eat them at all, or can you after a while? Part of the raspberry is already ripe (((((((

You cannot eat for at least 20 days.

2013-06-21 08:56 Patentova Zulfira:

I used Corado to spray plums, apple trees, currants ... from aphids. A week later I come to the garden, and my plantings already "shine" in the sun. And the aphids! As if there was no treatment. Yes, and spread to the lily! Nothing but disappointment!

Diluted according to the table 1 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water. Tell me where you went wrong!

I passed your question on to specialists.

2013-06-04 07:27 Hamit Fanilovich:

Will bees suffer if currants are treated for aphids during the flowering period?

Highly hazardous for bees (1 class of danger). Do not process during flowering, carry out processing in the evening after sunset, with a wind speed of 1–2 m / s, limiting summer for bees - more than 4–6 days.

Hello! please tell me how much does it cost to wholesale corado in vials?

You need to contact the wholesale department, see Contacts on the website

Unfortunately, the beetle continues to sit on the potatoes!

He shouldn't fall from it :) This is what is written in the instructions:

Please note: after spraying, after one to an hour and a half, the beetles and larvae stop feeding, but they still continue to move and retain signs of life for some time. The complete death of all pests occurs approximately on the second or third day, although the beetles are neutralized already from the first hours after treatment.

Zhenya 2012-05-10 04:59 can this remedy help against locust?

guzel 2011-07-20 14:57 Hello! Please tell me, after what time will Corado become non-toxic? The fact is that while spraying the potatoes, the pesticide got on the currant fruits. Thanks in advance.

Ilyas 2011-07-17 17:42 I did not find the date of manufacture on the packaging ... only the expiration date is 2 years. What is the probability of hitting the market for a fake Corado and how to calculate it?

Olga 2011-07-11 16:17 Hello.

I would like to know: is it possible to use "Corado" during the flowering and flowering of potatoes?

is it possible to use the drug in conjunction with the turbo health fertilizer?

2011-07-07 12:17 I quote Ludmila:

Sprayed potatoes 2 weeks ago, and today a neighbor at the dacha said that her ducklings, which are a meter away from planting potatoes, began to die. Could this be? What if they were picking grass from our site? It is possible to do this through the mesh. How long can the toxicity of a drug on grass persist? During this time, 2 rains have passed

According to the research of the Federal State Scientific Center for them. F.F. Erisman drug Corado, VRK (200g / l) d.v. imidacloprid, does not have a cumulative effect on the criterion of animal death. In addition, the LD50 is 1.4 mg / kg. Let us assume that the weight of a duckling is 0.6-07 kg, therefore, for its death, with a probability of 50%, it is necessary to enter the body of 1.2 mg of the drug. Since you sprayed potatoes with the recommended and concentrations (1 ml per 10 l of water, 1 ml

1, 1 g), then when this dose of the drug got into the duck, it should have received as much as 10 ml of working solution from your sprayer. And, given that the consumption rate of the drug is about 10 liters per hundred square meters, then to obtain such a dose, he had to peck up almost half of a bush of freshly sprinkled potatoes (green mass). Taking into account the fact that on the grass next to the potatoes, which you did not specially process, and the drug could not have gotten to it only by accident, i.e. in a much lower dose and at the same time after the rain, which washed off part of the drug from the grass into the soil, it can be unequivocally stated that the death of ducklings is not from the drug Corado.

Opening the glass ampoule, she cracked in her hand, the fragments dug into the hand, the poisonous drug got into the wounds ... Tell a pregnant woman, will I live and how harmful it is to humans ??

We hasten to calm you down. If, after such a one-time and short contact with the drug, you immediately removed the fragments, thoroughly washed the wounds, then you should not worry about the possible negative effects of the drug.

Analogues and recommendations for use

For the composition, there are analogue agents based on imidacloprid. They work in a similar way.

No less effective are:

  • Golden spark
  • Imidor
  • Commander.

They can be replaced with each other, but Corado remains the most effective.

Using Corado from a garden pest, you can be sure that the crop will be saved. The advantage of the method is that this tool is not addictive for pests, therefore, it can often be used on the same land.

Features of use on the site:

  • apply on one crop only
  • away from pets
  • in protective uniform.

The product helps to get rid of a large number of insects, regardless of weather conditions.


Oksana, Vologda
A friend told me about Corado when I was visiting her in Krasnoyarsk. To be honest, I was just tortured by Colorado beetles in my summer cottage. I tried everything: I poisoned it with tobacco and collected it by hand. I’m ashamed to say, but I even went to see our witch, Baba Zina. She issued a slander, which, of course, did not help. But Corado coped with his task with a bang! Finally, I can safely plant potatoes, knowing that no one will spoil them.

Oleg Petrovich, Kazminskoe village
I used Corado for three years, now I am looking for a replacement tool. During the entire service life of this drug, I have not noticed beetles, although they used to cause a lot of concern. Before that, I used other means, the names of which, of course, I don’t remember (the case was 5 years ago), but they did not have such an effect, but Corado helped out well.

Natasha, St. Petersburg
Recently, my friends and I finally moved to an ecovillage near St. Petersburg, where we independently grow all the necessary vegetables and fruits. We process potatoes with Corado, my grandmother recommended it to me. Honestly, I can't say how effective it is, since we are using it for the first time, but a woman from the nearest store, learning that we have no bugs, asked the name and even wrote it down. She said she was using another remedy, so far zero results.

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