Tomato Sunrise F1: a popular variety from Holland

Tomato is a capricious culture, every gardener knows this. But recently emerging hybrids completely refute this statement. Hybrid varieties are universal, they have excellent immunity, are unpretentious and fruitful. Tomato Sunrise is one of them. But in order for the hybrid to reach its full potential, you need to know about some of the nuances of its cultivation.

Sunrise tomato varieties - characteristics and growing regions

Amateur tomato growers are always looking for new varieties with better characteristics. And more and more often they give preference to hybrid varieties, rather than varietal tomatoes. After all, it is the hybrids that are able to show the best qualities of the parent varieties, while surpassing them many times. One of these successful hybrids is the Sunrise F1 tomato. Its applicants are Dutch breeders, whose work has long been appreciated by domestic gardeners. Tomato Sunrise is even included in the State Register. It happened not so long ago - in 2007.

Dutch breeders are great masters of varietal and hybrid tomatoes

Varietal characteristics

To appreciate the capabilities of the Sunrise tomato variety, you need to properly study its characteristics.

  1. The variety is intended for cultivation in personal subsidiary plots.
  2. The hybrid is distinguished by an early harvest. The period from germination to the beginning of ripening of the first fruits is only 85 - 100 days, depending on climatic conditions.
  3. Long-term and stable fruiting of the variety is noted.
  4. The immunity of the Sunrise variety is very strong. According to the State Register, it is resistant to fusarium wilting and verticillosis. There are also mentions that the hybrid is able to withstand gray leaf spot and alternaria cancer.
  5. The hybrid does not offend with its yield - at least 4 - 4.4 kg per bush.
  6. The variety perfectly adapts to open field conditions, it is not afraid of rainy weather and cold snaps.
  7. Despite the fact that the variety is marked as a salad, according to reviews it is perfect for pickling; juice, tomato paste and mashed potatoes are made from it.
  8. Also noteworthy is the excellent keeping quality of the fruits and the ability to transport crops over long distances.

The fruits of the Sunrise tomato are quite large, so their main use is summer salads.

Growing regions

The Sunrise hybrid is approved for cultivation in all regions of Russia, which means that the variety can be successfully planted both in greenhouses and in the open field. In addition, this variety is popular in Ukraine and Moldova.

The appearance of the Sunrise tomato

The hybrid bush is compact, related to the determinant species. Its height in open ground is on average 55 cm. In a greenhouse it can grow up to 70 cm. At the beginning of growth, the set of green mass is active, but in general, the plant can be called medium-leafy. The leaf is medium in size, light green to green in color. The inflorescence is intermediate. The peduncle has an articulation. One fruit cluster consists of 3 - 5 fruits.

The fruits of the Sunrise tomato are very attractive in appearance. Tomatoes have a flat-round shape and pronounced ribbing. Unripe fruit is green, ripe - bright red. By consistency, the pulp is dense, fleshy and juicy. The number of nests is more than 4. The taste is very good, with sourness. The fruits are quite large - on average, from 160 to 180 g. But often there are specimens weighing 200 grams or more.

Thanks to the dense and fleshy pulp, the fruits of the Sunrise tomato perfectly keep their shape

Features of Sunrise tomato, its advantages and disadvantages, comparison with other varieties

A feature of the Sunrise variety is that it is equally suitable for growing in open and closed ground. Also, the hybrid is successfully used for year-round cultivation in suitable greenhouses. In a greenhouse atmosphere, the variety copes well with high humidity and lack of lighting.

In addition, Sunrise can be stored for long-term storage. Due to this quality, the variety is popular with farmers and can often be found on supermarket shelves and in the market.

Good keeping quality and ability to tolerate transportation makes Sunrise a popular cultivar with farmers.

Advantages and disadvantages - table

How Sunrise tomato differs from similar varieties - table


Growing features

Since the Sunrise hybrid is grown with equal success in the open field and in the protected, the planting methods are practiced as follows - sowing with seeds and planting seedlings.

Seed preparation is carried out in the usual way. Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in March. Seeds germinate at 25 ° C. In phase 2 of true leaves, the seedlings dive. In protected or open ground, hardened seedlings are planted at the age of 35 - 45 days.

The seedling method is best suited for cooler regions. But in areas where spring comes early and the soil quickly warms up to the required 12-14 ° C for planting, this method also enjoys well-deserved respect. Thanks to the grown seedlings, gardeners have the opportunity to get a harvest earlier than sowing the variety with seeds.

Seedling method of growing tomato Sunrise is suitable for any region

Since the Sunrise tomato has rather compact bushes, the distance between the seedlings in the garden can be left up to 40 cm.The row spacing also does not differ in width - 50 cm is quite enough.

Such a dense planting scheme is very helpful for owners of small plots, allowing them to plant more plants per 1 m².

The seed method, although not as successful as the seedling method, is also suitable for growing this variety. It is used only in the southern regions. Sowing dates for seed fall at the end of April - beginning of May. To create comfortable conditions for seeds to germinate, a shelter is installed over the garden bed.

Seeds are sown densely in the garden, in order to then carry out thinning, leaving the strongest seedlings for further cultivation.

Care features

The procedure for caring for a Sunrise hybrid is, in general, standard. The beds should be kept clean by timely weeding and loosening after watering. But there are some nuances, without which the taste of the fruits and their yield may not reach their standard.

  1. Watering. The planted seedlings are watered as usual, allowing the plant to quickly adapt and begin harvesting. But further, when the fruits are in the ripening stage, the frequency of watering is reduced to 1 time in 10 days in hot weather. If the weather is cloudy, then watering is even rarer. This watering regime will allow more sugars to accumulate in the fruits of the Sunrise tomato so that the sourness present in the taste does not become the leading one.
  2. Shaping and garter. During the period of tomato growth, Sunrise must carry out pinching. Despite the short stature of the bush, during the ripening of the fruit brushes, they should be tied up, since heavy fruits can cause a fragile twig to break.
  3. Fertilizers. Potassium nitrate and phosphorus-containing compounds are most often used as the main top dressing. Most of them are brought in during the period of fruit formation.

To prevent the soil under the Sunrise tomato bush from becoming waterlogged, try to use a drip irrigation system

Possible diseases and pests, how to resist them

The best protection against diseases and pests is adherence to agricultural practices and preventive treatment. Therefore, it is this stage of care that should be given more attention, because, despite the strong immunity of the Sunrise tomato, anything can happen.

Perhaps it is worth starting with pests, since they most often threaten tomato beds. The most dangerous for a hybrid are:

  • Colorado beetles;
  • thrips;
  • aphid.

Colorado potato beetle larvae are able to destroy a young tomato bush in a short time

For the purpose of prevention, you can use folk remedies:

  • infusion of onion peel - fill a liter jar with dry onion peel and fill it with hot (40 - 50 ° C) water. Insist for 2 days, strain, add a little soap shavings. Dilute halfway with water before use;
  • infusion of wormwood - 1 kg of chopped fresh grass or 100 g of dried, pour 10 liters of water, preferably rainwater, but you can just well-settled tap water. Keep the container in a warm place for 10 days, stirring the fermenting solution every day. Then filter the infusion. Before using, mix 1 part of wormwood infusion with 9 parts of water.

If pests have already been seen in tomato beds, then it is best to use chemicals:

  • Aktara;
  • Confidor;
  • Prestige;
  • Karbofos.

Many drugs can be used to control pests, for example, Confidor

Of the diseases, the Sunrise tomato can most of all be threatened by late blight, which is very fond of damp and cold weather. The fungus is able to infect all aerial parts of the plant - leaves, stems and fruits. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, diseased bushes must be dug out of the garden and destroyed. As a fight against fungus, the following drugs have proven themselves best:

  • Fitosporin;
  • Gamair;
  • Quadris;
  • Fundazol;
  • Ridoml Gold.

As a preventive measure, treatment is carried out with a light pink manganese solution, milk whey diluted with water 1: 1 or a solution of copper sulfate - 2 tbsp. l. substances per 10 liters of water.

It is easier to prevent phytophthora on tomatoes with proper agricultural technology than to fight it, losing the crop


Growing a Sunrise tomato is very easy. Even a novice gardener can do this. After all, a hybrid does not require increased attention to itself. Care for the variety is minimal, but care is still necessary. Sunrise, in return, will thank you with a harvest of wonderful fruits that are good fresh, and in harvests.

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A variety for greenhouses or open ground - tomato Scarlet Frigate F1: advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid

Tomato Scarlet frigate F1 is a picky plant that can be grown by almost anyone, even not familiar with gardening. The variety has a high yield and pleases the gardener with the first fruits quite early.

Description and characteristics of the variety

The Scarlet Frigate variety is a hybrid specially bred for growing in unfavorable conditions. The plant is indeterminate, the height can reach from 1.5 to 2.5 meters, a garter at the base is required.

Large leaves and stepchildren should be cut regularly to ensure optimal distribution of nutrients. Tomatoes grow small, tough and bitter if not properly cared for.

Tomatoes are oval in shape, weigh 90-120 grams, grow in a cluster of 6-8 fruits. The structure of the fruit is grainy, excellent rich taste, perfect for fresh consumption. They contain a huge amount of nutrients: fiber, minerals, carotene, amino acids.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • can be grown both in greenhouses, greenhouses, and in the open field
  • resistance to temperature extremes and diseases
  • high yield
  • the presence of a large amount of nutrients.

  • the need for careful regular care
  • the fruits are quite tough.


Scarlet frigate f1 - early maturing, fruits ripen 90-120 days after the first fruits appear. The fruiting period can last until autumn, and, if special conditions are available, all year round. The yield of the variety is high, depending on the fertility of the soil, care and weather. Average indicator 19 kg / m ^ 3

Features of growing and storage

The variety is recommended for cultivation in greenhouses, however, it is adapted for cultivation in the open field. As the bush forms, it is necessary to tie it up at the base. Tomatoes are stored for a very long time, retaining their color, shape and taste.

Planting and leaving

Cultivation should be carried out in seedlings, seeds for seedlings are recommended to be sown in March. Tomatoes should be planted in the ground at 3-4 plants per 1 m ^ 2.

Description of tomato Sunrise

It is very important for every gardener to know that he has the best specimen of a particular species or type of variety. Everyone chooses the highest quality and excellent type for themselves, especially tomatoes. It should be a variety that gives a large percentage of yield, has excellent taste and strong immunity. The Sunrise tomato variety fits this description.

Description of the variety

What is a Sunrise tomato? Tomato Sunrise f1 is a premium hybrid. Recently, many experienced gardeners are increasingly giving their preference to hybrids. Such types have become almost universal, they are perfect for any type of activity and you can do whatever you want from them after harvesting. According to the description of the variety, the Sunrise tomato is a completely Dutch product of local geneticists. They tried to develop just such a tomato variety that could give a high percentage of yield even under extreme living conditions.

The yield of Sunrise tomatoes is amazing - they can give from 5 to 8 kg, sometimes this figure can increase to 10. Everything will depend on the conditions in which the bushes will be kept.

Tomato Sunrise f1, according to the description of the variety and reviews, belongs to those varieties that ripen early. From the moment of planting to the moment of harvesting, only 64-75 days will pass. This is a very good result. It is possible to grow this type of plant, as in the open field, in the same way in a greenhouse. Tomato Sunrise f1 according to the description of the variety is not tall plants, the bushes are very compact, they belong to the determinate types, it is also necessary to pinch the plants to the first brush.

Tomato Sunrise is very resistant to various diseases, especially such as:

  • Alternaria (stem cancer)
  • gray-type spot on leaves
  • verticillary wilting.

The plant is absolutely not whimsical, does not require a special place or care, the most important thing is not to forget to water it, and from time to time fertilize the earth with calcium and humus.

Advantages of the variety

According to the reviews of many gardeners, it is safe to say that this variety of tomatoes has a lot of positive qualities, and is universal:

  • persistent immunity to many diseases and pests
  • excellent yield percentage
  • compactness of the bush
  • fast maturity
  • unpretentiousness in care and cultivation.


The plant needs a garter

Despite the overall positive picture, there are also disadvantages.

  1. Sometimes they notice that very small ones can grow from some bushes, they do not cope with their task, and already in the middle of ripening they dry up and die because their root system is very weak and cannot get the necessary nutrients for itself.
  2. Tomatoes of this type can sometimes show their bad side when transplanting, if they are not prepared for this. Before transplanting tomatoes into open soil or even a greenhouse, it is necessary to treat the roots with a solution and add fertilizer there, and it is also necessary to take the seedlings outside, in the sun a few days before planting, so that the leaves get used to it.

Also, according to experts, tomatoes sometimes need to be tied, since the fruits can weigh too much, and the branch may simply not cope with the load that it was given.Usually, a stick is tied to the stem, and for support, various branches are tied to it so that they do not break under the pressure of the tomatoes, since then the entire branch and the fruits on it will disappear.

How to plant

As mentioned earlier, the Sunrise tomato variety has been impressive. If properly cared for, then you can get quality fruits within a few months. Given the fact that all plants of this species are quite small, the Sunrise f1 tomato, according to reviews and descriptions, can be planted with 8 bushes per 1 m2.

For ordinary tomatoes, this would be very dense, since the standard is 4 bushes per 1 m2. In addition, gardeners brought out the ideal size of a dimple for planting - this is 50 by 50 cm.The roots can completely grow into the ground and not creep out, in addition, when watering, the water will quickly reach the roots and provide it with the necessary minerals.

Growing varieties

Tomato Sunrise is a hybrid variety and its seeds are only available for purchase. Since they already come with persistent immunity, it is not necessary to process them for prophylaxis before disembarking. Unless you can treat the roots yourself directly before transplanting from various parasites that live in the ground and can somehow harm them. It is necessary to plant bushes at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other.

All fruits are round and large, when fully ripe, they have a bright saturated red color, this signals that it is already possible to harvest the fruits. In terms of taste, the variety is very soft, juicy and with a slight tinge of sourness. If the tomatoes are not yet ripe, then they will be tight and tough.

One fruit weighs from 210 grams. and up to 233 gr. After you have harvested, you can use such a variety for anything: cut it into a salad, and preserve it, and make juice from it.

Disease prevention

Tomato Sunrise f1 reviews of professionals say that this is a hybrid that very rarely can be infected with some kind of disease. Most often, it can be sunburn due to the fact that the plant was not prepared in time for this and a sharp change in climate.

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