Smooth round tomato

The smooth round tomato

As already mentioned in other articles concerning the tomato, this is a very widespread herbaceous plant in Italy and in other parts of the world; it can reach a height of two meters but, due to the not very robust stem, it needs supports to develop. The root is composed of the taproot and other smaller ones that develop laterally. The flowers of the tomato plant are yellow in color and grow on the stem and branches.

The smooth round tomato it is a variety used above all to prepare salads and on the market we can find them of various sizes, in clusters or single, always of a very bright red. The smooth round tomato it appeared on our market during the eighties; it is very consumed and appreciated as it has a very consistent pulp and is kept for a long time.

Environment and exposure

The plant of the round tomato smooth, to develop many fruits and of good quality, it needs a warm temperate climate, good sun exposure. This tomato can withstand short cold periods, but it would be better never to subject it to freezing or very cold temperatures. The ideal temperature for cultivation can reach twenty-six degrees.


The tomato needs a very worked, deep, fertile and above all well-drained soil. When the plant is adult it can resist even in particularly acidic or basic soils.

Sowing and transplanting

The multiplication of the tomato takes place by seed which can start in a covered place or directly in the open field.

In case of starting from seedbeds or greenhouses, therefore in sheltered and possibly heated places, the optimal temperature should be twenty-one degrees. The soil must be suitable for planting. After about two weeks the seedlings will have sprouted and will have to be placed in a container with peat for about a month, after this operation they can be placed in the pot (usually around March-April),

The best time to sow in the open field is from March to May. The new plants will be transplanted when they have produced three or four leaves at a distance of about fifty centimeters.

In general, tomato seedlings are transplanted in the open field towards the end of May; they will be buried about three centimeters no more. After this operation they will have to be equipped with supports in order to develop at their best.


Like the other types of tomato, even the smooth round one needs a constant but not excessive supply of water. It is a plant that fears drought but also water stagnation. As mentioned in other articles regarding the tomato, care must always be taken, during the watering phase, not to wet the leaves and fruits.


During the working phase of the soil, it will be necessary to make mature manure, subsequently fertilizing with phosphorus and potassium. In case of nitrogen being covered.


The collection of the round tomato smooth is carried out in the period between July and September. This operation is done manually and is done when the tomatoes have reached a bright red color.

Diseases and parasites

The smooth round tomato, like other tomatoes, is very subject to root and collar rot. Excessive water intake can also cause abrasions on the fruit.

It is very afraid of the Colorado beetle and the agrotid which, through the deposition of its larvae, damages the roots of the newly born seedlings.


Here are some smooth round tomato varieties.

Camone tomato: this variety is native to Sardinia, it is very resistant to diseases, it can be grown in areas with different climates. It has a very strong and tasty flavor, with a crunchy consistency.

Ikram tomato: it is a smooth round tomato variety that develops in clusters, each of which can bear up to six fruits. We find it throughout the year and can be kept for about two weeks. Particularly suitable for cooking, salads, sauces.

Smooth round tomato: Curiosity

The typical characteristics of the smooth round tomato are the particular consistency of its pulp and the long shelf life. Like other tomatoes, it is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene. It is useful for promoting diuresis or for those with constipation problems. It can also be safely consumed by those on a diet as it is very low in calories. Tomato, containing lycopene, can be an excellent ally for cancer prevention. Tomato green is toxic.

The smooth round tomato is widely used in cooking and particularly suitable for the preparation of dishes that require prolonged cooking, as their consistency allows them not to pulp in a short time.

Smooth round tomato, cherry, ribbed, etc., of whatever type it is, we can only say that tomato is the vegetable par excellence, good, tasty, it is the king of our summer dishes, with its characteristic flavor it also gives a special touch to the simplest dishes.

Product features
From organic cultivation:No
Harvest start:July
Fruit:Large, red fruits
Max. Height of growth in cm:130 cm
Plant depth:Not too deeply
Pot size:30 cm
Growth style:It needs tendril
Use of the crop:Vegetables

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If you choose those intended for the sauce, the tomatoes must be slightly watery, with a fleshy pulp also suitable to be stored in jars.

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Roman oval round tomato

The fruits are quite small, with a slightly acidic taste and a fleshy pulp, characteristics that make the Roman oval round an excellent variety for preserving. It is also excellent to be eaten in salads

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Take advantage of the summer months to reunite the family and try your hand at preparing tomato sauce at home in order to have a supply for the whole year. Furthermore, tomatoes can also be dried for the preparation of preserves in oil.

In short, there are no excuses: unless you are allergic (in some cases, for example, you must also pay attention to nickel allergy), tomatoes have only properties and benefits to take advantage of and can be consumed all year round in any recipe you prefer.

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Hi I'm preparing the ground for planting tomatoes and a garden with reclaimed earth I dug it two days ago so early March
Now I got the bags of manure but reading your guide it seems that it is too late to fertilize how do you advise me to proceed to be able to plant in early April?

Hi Fabio, proceed as you are doing, the manure is however already mature as manure can be fine anyway. Make sure you lighten the soil well, make it nice and crumbly. Compost is pretty good too.

do not plant the seeds directly in the ground, use a seedbed protected from the elements and then plant the already large seedlings in the ground.


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