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Grow in a pallet collar - 11 unbeatable tips that make you a professional

With easy-care pallet collars, you can have your garden, terrace or balcony full of tasty strawberries or raspberries, perfect potatoes, fragrant spices and beautiful flowers.

but how do you do it then? What should you keep in mind when you want to grow in a pallet collar? And what can you plant?

Here are 11 smartest tips to maximize your crops.

Growing in a pallet collar is a very smart way to grow, especially if you are a happy amateur grower. Growing in a pallet collar means having control over soil and water, weeds and fertilizer. We can grow on mountains and lawns, terraces and balconies. Nothing is impossible.

Stay, move or delete?

The lilac bush that stood next to the house wall was moved to a better location and an old spruce was removed completely. The wild roses and birch plants that were down by the small stream, on the other hand, were allowed to remain.

- When you come as a gardener, you have the opportunity to see with different eyes what is in the right place and what should be moved or simply removed. The garden owner often becomes a little "home blind" and finds it difficult to see new opportunities, Maria thinks.

Maria hired a company that helped her with the ground and excavation work, such as the construction of the stone stairs and the retaining wall. They also dug out of the slope so that it became longer. Several hardy and easy-care shrub roses were planted along the slope in groups of three. The bush tusk "Tuscany Superb", the climbing rose Maiden´s blush "and" Nevada "are some of the roses that grow willingly side by side. The porch was expanded and there were climbing plants such as honey rose and the clematis" Summer snow "which will later grow over and form a growing roof.Before the porch were made small flowerbeds where fists, sage and mountain cap were planted.

With Maria's help, a Maud got the garden she wanted,thriving and easy to care for!

The dreamy garden

According to him, a good garden is built on three foundations: shrubs, trees and stones. But a common beginner mistake is to immediately start digging up discounts for summer flowers.

- What you should start with is planting fruit trees and shrubs. It gives the feeling of density in a garden and it becomes mysterious with small rooms and corridors. But it also takes longer so you have to have more patience.

His dream garden was his grandfather's, in Vingåker, which was just that. Secretive.

A paradise for children to run around in between big bigarra trees, raspberry fields and pumpkin groves. "It is probably the most important garden I have stayed in," he writes in the book.

Then the useful crops in the garden were vital for the family. But from the end of the 1950s, the ideal came to change.

- Then they removed fruit and berry bushes and planted lawns that looked like parking lots instead. People stopped cultivating because it became cheaper to buy food, says Göran Greider.

He notes that gardening has today become a woman's occupation. In the past, it was largely the men's domain.

- Garden was almost entirely associated with men. But today it is really striking how disinterested men are. A few years ago I went through this year's harvest of garden magazines and there were almost no men with them. It's a bit tragic, he says.

- In the past, about fifteen years ago, it was often garden couples who were portrayed. Now it is usually a lonely woman.

Garden for those who dislike gardening

If you are one of those who enjoy relaxing on a sun lounger on the terrace and dislike all that is called weeding and lawn mowing, the garden should be decorated easily. Avoid demanding vegetable land and flower beds. Invest in drought-resistant shrubs such as Ölandstok and lavender. The plants need to be watered when they are newly planted but then manage without supervision. Build a large terrace and plant a lawn. Buy a robotic lawnmower that handles the lawn mowing.

A place for change

Despite RUT deductions, consumerism and status thinking that today largely characterize the garden world, Göran Greider is firmly convinced that the garden can be a radical place for change. A place that counteracts the globalized society that is spinning faster and faster and that has made us "seasonless". A place that connects us back to the rhythm of the seasons.

- Firstly because the garden requires you to be there. You can not keep going and traveling around. I always get anxiety every summer when I go to Almedalen, this curse over politics, I'm gone for a week and I can hardly sleep because I think of the dahlias at home, he says.

"Total scandal"

Several users immediately want to see "Dragon's Garden" in the box again.

"Total scandal. lousy sound, no learning. Just a clean caterpillar. Take back the dragon's garden ", writes a viewer.

Earlier in March, SVT announced that the Bolibompa dragon would be played by a new actor and that the character would get a new costume. But the premiere on Monday has stirred up strong emotions.

"No, this was not a hit. Why did it have to be so staring and messy? ”, Writes a viewer.

"Is this a joke? The dragon must be the hardest I've ever heard, so you get stressed out. So painfully happy all the time. The old dragon was calm, methodical, a little slow, a little insecure as a CHILD. The new one is for an adult ", writes another.

Product description

Decorative chips add beautiful surfaces and nice color to your garden.

Wood chips have several uses:

It can be used as a cover on the ground and in pots together with all kinds of plants, ornamental plants and edible plants.

It can also protect against weeds, soil splashes and large temperature fluctuations in the soil. The soil loosens and evaporation decreases so you do not have to water as often. On paths and corridors, the chips provide a soft, sagging surface.

The chips are applied in a 3 cm thick layer, but the protective effect is better with a layer of 10 cm.

  • Coverage in flower beds and plantations.
  • Make patterns and play with several colors.
  • Paths and passages.
  • Aisles in the vegetable garden.
  • In the greenhouse.
  • Cover in pots.
  • Around tree trunks.
  • Base for garden elves.
  • Substrates in places where children play.
  • Winter cover

For the decorative effect, only a thin layer of a few cm of nut-brown chips is needed. For more effective protection against weeds and on paths, a thicker layer is needed, up to 10 cm. A tip is to first lay out ground fabric and then top with nice nut brown chips. It is also possible to lay the chips on top of a mulch layer to get a nicer surface.

Walnut chips are very nice as a cover in large pots and urns, both inside and out!

Feel free to mix with Oxide black chips to get a nice mottled surface.

Contains wood chips from conifers that have been stained with iron oxide, a natural and harmless color that is already present in the soil. The paint lasts for several years and is not washed away by rain or snow. It darkens slightly, but by raking around or adding a new layer, the color improves again. Over time, the chips break down to soil.

Volume: 35 l
One sack is enough for 0.5 - 1 sqm

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