Strawberry tree honey

How it is produced

Strawberry tree honey is mainly produced on the southern slope of the Gennargentu Park.

The strawberry tree plant has autumn flowering which is concentrated mainly in the month of October, until mid-December.

It is a particularly rare honey, which cannot be easily forgotten after tasting it.

Certainly, the major production area of ​​this type of honey corresponds to the region of Sardinia.

In any case, there is also a production within the Maremma of Grosseto, although in these areas it is not possible to obtain such an effective harvest as in Sardinia, especially due to climatic conditions that are not always favorable in the period in which the strawberry tree plant blooms.

Leaving aside the Italian territory for a moment, the strawberry tree honey denotes a good production also in Corsica, where the results can often be compared to those obtained in Sardinia, both from the point of view of quantity and purity.


The strawberry tree plant is characterized by reaching quite large dimensions, as is also the tradition of all those shrubs that grow in the Mediterranean scrub: it is a widely widespread plant in Sardinia.

The strawberry tree has flowers with a typical white color and red fruits that can also be eaten fresh, or are often used for the creation and production of jams and marmalades.

The strawberry tree honey it can boast the most characteristic "title" of honey of the entire Sardinian region and can boast remarkable organoleptic properties.

Among the main characteristics of strawberry tree honey we can also note a characteristic amber color, which is particularly dark when the honey is liquid, while it becomes light hazelnut when crystallization is completed.

The scent of strawberry tree honey is truly particular, with a not too pronounced intensity: we could say that it vaguely recalls the scent emanating from ivy leaves and coffee grounds.

It is a honey that has a rather tenacious and strong aroma, while the flavor remains sweet only in the first phase of tasting.

When you feel the aroma of this particular honey for the first time, you can certainly think of being in front of ground coffee, but when you taste it, the intensity that characterizes the taste can only remain impressed. both the aroma, extremely bitter.

The strawberry tree certainly cannot be compared to other types of honey, since it can be exploited in the culinary field in many ways: first of all, it can be used as an excellent accompaniment to spicy cheeses.

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Among the peculiarities of strawberry tree honey we find the fact that it has an intense bitter taste, in addition to the fact that it can only be produced within certain geographical areas (in Italy we have already pointed out that Sardinia is the region where the greatest quantities of this honey).

In most cases, it is a honey that crystallizes rather quickly, even if this characteristic depends many times on the accompanying flora and on the quantity of water present in it.

Certainly, the composition of honeys is different and varies in relation to the nectar found inside the plants from which the bees collect.

This honey is characterized by having an olfactory-gustatory composition that cannot be found and found in other types of honey.

Beneficial effects

Strawberry tree honey can boast a large number of beneficial effects for the human body, since it is able to ensure the performance of a balsamic, antispasmodic, antiseptic and diuretic activity.

In particular, strawberry tree honey is particularly effective for the urinary tract, carrying out a fundamental antiseptic action.

The color of the strawberry tree is characterized by being white at first, and then gradually becoming more and more gray.

Among the main beneficial effects that refer to strawberry tree honey we also find the fact of knowing how to perform an anti-asthmatic activity, but specifically, it is a perfect remedy for the cure and treatment of sore throat and bronchitis and, in especially, for all those affections that affect the airways.

Strawberry tree honey: Curiosity

It is a rather rare honey (also due to the fact that its production coincides, in most cases, with the coldest days of the winter season) and represents one of the most popular foods in the Sardinia region.

In fact, this honey was already widespread and used in the times of Cicero and Virgil: numerous testimonies tell us about this particular honey, which possessed such a bitter taste that it greatly affected those who consumed it.

Due to the fact that the production of strawberry tree honey is concentrated especially during the autumn season, inside it we can find a considerable level of humidity: for this reason, it is necessary to adopt specific methods of stabilization and conservation, to ensure that the honey does not ferment.

Strawberry tree honey

Strawberry tree, that honey! It is said as sweet as the honey, and in fact just imagining a taste of honey brings the mind to memories of sweetness, even if it is not always so, sometimes the taste is not as sweet as one would expect, even though it is always honey, the one produced by our friends bees since since the dawn of time, starting from the nectar of flowers and honeydews.

Strawberry tree honey

So where's the catch? When it comes to honey, there are no tricks, the law is clear: "Honey means the food product that domestic bees produce from the nectar of flowers or from the secretions coming from living parts of plants or found on them, which they forage , transform, combine with specific substances of their own, store and leave to mature in the honeycombs of the hive. This product can be fluid, dense or crystallized. " (Law no. 753/1982) So there is no make-up, but if we absolutely want to talk about make-up then it's a completely natural make-up: the strawberry tree make-up.

Properties of strawberry tree honey

Arbutus honey is in great demand and just as difficult to find, in the vast panorama of honeys that the market offers, almost like gold nuggets, and a fantastic aura has been created around its name. Undoubtedly, each honey has its own characteristics, which are dictated by the predominant nectar from which it comes, and each honey has different credentials, without prejudice to its own basic properties, common to all types of honey.

But then, what makes strawberry tree honey, as well as a difficult to find honey, an object of desire? There are even those who describe it as "very bitter and almost disgusting" ... probably if it is "almost disgusting" they enjoy suffering ... come on, let's not exaggerate in wanting to be original at all costs (

Beyond the low production, due to the climatic conditions, which are not always favorable, coinciding with the flowering time of the strawberry tree which takes place between October and November, when even at more likely "generous" latitudes the atmospheric reversal can occur that frustrates everything, strawberry tree honey really boasts some peculiar characteristics, which contribute to making it a sought-after honey, not only because it is rare.

Arbutus honey in the kitchen

Arbutus honey also finds a lot of space in our kitchen. Its so peculiar flavor allows combinations with equally bitter foods, such as artichokes or thistles, or with sweet or fatty foods. For example, it is excellent paired with aged and fresh cheeses, lard from colonnata, fruit salad and ice cream. The use of this honey with the coffee, whose aroma is not altered by the taste of the honey itself.

In order to fully enjoy its beneficial properties, however, you must make sure you consume raw honey and not subjected to industrial processing. This is the only way to be sure that all its features remain intact.

Strawberry Tree Honey in Sweets and Jams


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