How gullible summer residents can be fooled with wood

When stocking up on firewood for the winter, don't be fooled. Be careful, even if the material is delivered by acquaintances or trusted people. It is to them that there is more credit of trust and it is easier to be deceived by dishonest suppliers.

Deception by cubic capacity

Before ordering wood, you need to understand the units for measuring the amount of material. There are the following options: cubic meter, warehouse meter, weight (kg / ton), bulk (bulk).

The most commonly used warehouse meter and cubic meter. This is where the confusion begins.

The fact is that a cubic meter is a way of layout, in which there is practically no space between the trunks / boards. They form a cube, which is very convenient for transportation. But flat boards are used in large-scale production.

Ordinary wood ordered by summer residents is not laid so evenly. Therefore, a stock meter measuring system is used.

The difference is that there is space between the wood with a warehouse meter, so there is less material than measured in cubic meters. If a warehouse meter is used, then you cannot sell the goods at the price of a cubic meter.

Also, when measuring by weight, you can face deception if the tree is wet. It is worth checking the condition of the goods every time.

Chopped firewood

Grandmothers in villages order chopped firewood because they cannot cut solid wood on their own. If we calculate, then after cutting the wood, there is more logs in the logs by weight and diameter than chopped firewood.

It is better for a summer resident to order goods in whips, he will save on this.

My grandmother would have to hire labor to cut wood, pay them money. The amount could have been higher. But the summer resident, who independently takes on the saw, finds himself in a more advantageous situation.

"Shaken up"

A popular scam scheme: you drive up to the firewood sellers by the road, agree on the cost and quantity, and drive together to the site. Suddenly, the driver turns the car with the goods off the road under various pretexts.

He knows the location of your site and promises to bring the material later. Brings. However, there is visually less wood in the body. If you ask a question about this, then the answer will follow that the firewood is shaken.

The truth is that by changing the route, the cunning salesperson unloads some of the merchandise.

To avoid cheating, escort the truck to the suburban area. If the seller is going to fold, follow him. Remember that by forgiving cheating, you are contributing to further fraudulent behavior by the dishonest merchant.

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Attention! In the Russian Federation, a new way to deceive drivers on highways

As the coordinator of the Blue Pails movement, defender of the rights of motorists Pyotr Shkumatov, said, Russia is gaining a new way to force drivers to violate traffic rules. So, on some sections of the road, yellow speed limit signs began to appear, which urge drivers to slow down from 80 km / h to 40 km / h. However, no repairs are carried out on this section of the road, and therefore the drivers, seeing no reason to reduce the speed, continue to drive 80-90 km / h.

Naturally, the cameras are reconfigured for the new limitation. Thus, the drivers receive fines. If a year ago this scheme of deceiving drivers was not widely used, now tens of thousands of drivers all over Russia come across it, Shkumatov notes.

It is worth clarifying that the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not want to understand such schemes, allowing enterprising businessmen to profit from the drivers.

Underfilling on a large scale

Complaints about underfilling of petroleum products often come not only from retail, but also from wholesalers. But the scale and consequences are completely different in each case. If a car enthusiast is refueled several hundred grams of diesel less at a gas station, he, of course, will be somewhat surprised by the slightly increased consumption, but he will not feel any serious damage to his wallet. Wholesale buyers lose completely different money when ordering several tons diesel fuel... To cheat by the underfilling method, use "wound" counters, or such a method as overestimating the indicator of the tank's capacity. The following actions will help to avoid financial damage from underfilling:

  • checking the seal of the meter
  • verification of documentation confirming the accuracy of the meter
  • checking the fuel filling according to the calibration bar
  • verification of the verification certificate
  • cooperation with companies that have their own certified transport (suppliers who use hired tank trucks cannot always control the conscientiousness of drivers).

Cheating at gas stations: how gas stations bred drivers for money

Buying low-quality fuel and overpaying for an empty tank is a deception at gas stations, which Ukrainian drivers regularly encounter at gas stations. A well-known brand and a proven gas station do not save you from crooks

Prior to that, the tricks of the sellers of markets and supermarkets have already become known, who deceive buyers with body kit, shortcuts and the sale of rotten products.

Cheating at gas stations is not less common, and the amount of consumer losses is much greater. The high cost of fuel motivates tankers to invent new tricks to “warm up” the car owners.

Underfilling gasoline

The service personnel of the gas station, independently or with the submission of the manual, changes the settings of the dispensers that pump fuel. As a result, drivers pay for gasoline or diesel, which they did not receive. Even when filling the tank "to full" it is difficult to catch scammers - the design of the gas tank provides for the presence of a non-combustible residue to fill the car's fuel system.

For yourself, you can check the honesty of your favorite network of gas stations using a measured container - a canister of 5-10-20 liters. Fill the canister and find out how much actually fit into it and how much is displayed on the column counter.

Galkin was stunned by the news that he was leaving Pugacheva and the children, what happened: "In this form?"

Daylight Saving Time: Final Decision Made By March 28

The last minutes of the life of the Ukrainian military caught on video: footage from surveillance cameras

Nikityuk suddenly pulled off her robe and showed her crimson skin: "Like a beetle"

The pretty wife of the producer "Quarter 95" effectively lifted her legs, dispelling boredom: "I suggest you be inspired."

To prove your case officially, you will have to contact the consumer protection department, which can, upon request, check the calibration of the cranes at the gas station. In addition, large networks, in order to avoid accusations of underfilling, regularly inspect and check dispensers at gas stations.

Diluted gasoline

In Ukraine, it is officially allowed to mix gasoline with various additives to improve its properties. In fact, biofuels are added to high-octane grades, which reduces the quality of gasoline, increases fuel consumption and spoils the engine. Large gas station chains have learned to sell such gasoline under a separate brand name. Its price is usually more attractive, and the name does not contain a mention of additives. In order not to spoil your engine, carefully read the description of the brand of gasoline on the company's website, check with the refueller for the composition.

Premium brands also do not always match their price. As the refuellers themselves joke, "this is the same 95th, only undiluted." However, large companies are actively promoting "improved" gasoline and diesel fuel, adding additives and spending the lion's share of marketing budgets on them. The additional mark-up makes the sale of premium fuels profitable.

For comparison, Belarus, neighboring Ukraine, has abandoned the marketing names of gasoline: at gas stations there are only A-92, A-95 and diesel fuel, the quality of which is much higher than their Ukrainian counterparts.


The operators at the filling station can make "mistakes" on which they earn extra money. As a rule, their tricks come down to the simplest calculation options. You may be considered an expensive type of fuel instead of a cheap one, they will forget to take into account the discount. As you check your check, pay attention to whether you paid for someone else's washer, coffee, or bottle of water.

Gas refueling cheating

When filling a gas cylinder, refuellers also use different types of fraud. Many drivers complain about the extra liters that the gas water heater shows.

Due to the constant tricks with fuel, owners of LPG are advised to come to the gas station with an empty cylinder in order to control the volume of actually purchased gas. If the amount of gas filled in exceeds the nominal volume of the cylinder, then a violation occurred during inflation. Either the gas station deceived you by a few liters, or violated the safety rules by exceeding the maximum allowable pressure.

Experts can check the calibration of the gas column using a special device.

In addition to manipulating fuel and dispensers, gas stations use other methods of deceiving gas stations. The largest chains have long turned their gas stations into a roadside supermarket. Sales of related products, coffee and hot dogs rival even gasoline in terms of profitability.

It is not uncommon when low-quality washers are sold, expired products of long-term storage, stale at the gas station. When buying, see the dates of manufacture, composition and content of the goods. The risk of buying a delay or fakes is high, but returning to a gas station, sometimes located 100-200 km away, is almost unrealistic.

Previously, the most popular methods of cheating in cafes and restaurants were named.

Ways to deceive gullible summer residents when buying firewood

Hello everyone. Probably many of us were thrown, in this thread I will try to tell everything about scammers and their methods of deception.
1. Fake guarantor.
One of the most common methods of deception, very old, but still underway. How does cheating happen? A kidok is added to you and writes something similar.
Kidok: Hi. Do you need a virtual / account on a server (any server) for 100 rubles? (There can be any price, most likely it will be less than usual to mislead you)
You: Hi. Yes need. Are you ready to give ahead or a guarantor?
Kidok: No, I won't give it ahead. I agree to the guarantor.
Next, a topic with a "guarantor" is created, where he asks you to give money in advance, and the kidka virtual / account. Naturally, the kidok will not give anything, but they will take money from you and throw you in an emergency.
How can you avoid this?
Carefully check the guarantor id, compare it with the real guarantors in the subject (

2. Account recovery.
Here we will talk about Advance - RP, which is relevant for many. This method is not as old as the first, especially with Advance - RP. Your dialogue with the kidkom will look something like this:
Kidok: Hi. Need an ARP / SRP / DRP account? Here is a description (there will be a description of the account, for example: House, car, leader, etc.)
You: Yes. Price? Ready to give ahead? Mail unlinked?
Kidok. 100 rubles (of course, the price will be lower than usual). Ready to give ahead. Mail is untied.
You: I agree. Give me an account.
After you log into your account, change your password and give the money to the kid. After that, through the phone, he will restore the account, and you will be deceived.
How can you avoid this?
Look carefully on the website to see if the phone is untied, you can find out this way: ... If there is no such inscription, the phone is tied!

3. Exchange of reviews.
This method is the most commonplace, but most of them are used to it. Kidok exchanges reviews and turnips with the same as him, such reviews in the topic are 2-3 pages, thereby inspiring confidence. Often such topics are called "Selling Wirts, very cheap!"

How can you avoid this?
Take a close look at the reputation of the people who wrote the reviews. Often, many of them are banned, or there are disadvantages in their reputation about the Kidok reason

4. Cheating with Diamond RP.
Divorce is very easy. I think many people know that to enter the site it is enough to know the nickname and password, but in the game - ip cod, phone. This is what scammers use. Here's an example of a dialogue.
Kidok: Hi. Need a DRP account?
You: Yes. Price? Ready to give ahead? Mail unlinked?
Kidok. No, I can be in the game, but you can go through the site, after transferring the money, I will log out of the account and it will be yours
You: I agree. Give us a nickname and password.

How can you avoid this?
Go through the game, check if the phone is untied. If you buy an account for yourself - put your own!

1. If possible, work with a guarantor
2. Work with webmoney, if you are thrown - there is an opportunity to get your money back.
3. How to get your money back if you are thrown?

The topic will be supplemented
Account allowed [CM] AGRESSOR

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