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The garden is identified as a green space, where you can stay mainly in contact with nature but to make it effectively usable for the whole day, it is necessary that there are also structures. When we talk about 'structures' we refer to elements that can also create covered spaces, as in the case of the gazebo or having a comfortable swimming pool with hydromassage where you can relax. Each, according to their needs, will create a more or less complete garden with all the elements that they believe are fundamental. It is very rare to find a garden where only natural elements are present because even to sit and admire nature it is necessary to have a bench.

Facilities for shelter

In the garden in summer it is necessary to shelter from the sun especially during the hottest hours of the day, and this shelter can also be used as an area where you can eat. The structure must be able to protect from the harmful rays of the sun, and it is also quite useful in those gardens, where natural shade areas are rather few. At the specialized shops for garden furniture it is possible to see how much the market in this sector is quite vast, we can find pergolas, canopies, gazebos, for every need. The choice mainly concerns the type of structure and then the type of material used for the construction. Each type of structure has a rather particular shape and characteristics, but those who are interested in particular structures and want to orient themselves on a design garden structure will certainly find the product they want. Of course in this case the cost of the structure is obviously different from the classic models that we are used to seeing but if it is essential to furnish the garden in this way, the cost paid will certainly reward the pleasant aesthetics obtained. Many prefer to pave the area below these structures because where there is a turf it would be almost impossible to clean. The structures are diversified because not everyone has a garden that is large enough to be able to choose between all the models, for smaller spaces, we choose a leaning pergola that takes advantage of the space immediately adjacent to the house. There are many factors that could influence the choice of a structure for the garden, from the economic budget to the space available, which is why it becomes essential to adequately divide all the spaces. Furthermore, if the house with the garden has been purchased, the garden will certainly have its own shape which is always preferable not to upset, as it can always be improved. If the garden needs to be designed, new ideas can also be put forward because it is a job that will have to start from scratch.

Greenhouses and winter garden

A space in the garden can always be dedicated to the vegetable garden which during the winter period may require the protection of a greenhouse, to shelter from low summer temperatures. The greenhouse, however, is not only a remedy to protect vegetables but also to shelter the plants considered more delicate that certainly could not survive at low temperatures. The greenhouse can be built directly in the garden, or in a space adjacent to the house. Only with the arrival of summer it is possible to insert plants back into their natural environment. Those who absolutely do not want to give up the pleasure of admiring plants even during the winter can always decide to create a winter garden. To realize this idea it is also necessary to have the necessary space, alternatively you can decide to close a part of the garden to use it for this function. The winter garden allows you to admire the beauty of plants and flowers even when it's snowing outside and create a small living room in this space where you can receive friends. The winter garden is made with a transparent structure that allows the plants to be reached by the sun's rays. The winter garden can be considered a green corner capable of enlivening the gray winter days. The plants inserted inside the winter garden require the same care as if they were kept outside: pruning, fertilization, watering, so they must not be neglected. The winter garden is always completed with a small living room, which furnishes the green space and obviously also makes it more usable. By going to a specialized shop it will be possible to realize the cost of such a structure also considering the expense that will have to be incurred to insert the plants.

Garden structures: garden design: ideal garden structures for you

We are waiting for you, starting today, in a new subsection of our site that will help you finally decide in absolute awareness which elements can positively condition the structures of your garden. Only with our support, in fact, will you actually be able to lay the foundations to follow the right direction.

More specifically, we will try to educate you and make you make the right decisions about factors such as the garage for cars, the shelters, but without putting the so-called garden greenhouses on the back burner. In short, a single section in which to deepen the main aspects of a subject that is often underestimated. Don't hesitate any further.

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