Autumn planting of crocuses: determining the timing

Crocuses are one of the most popular bulbous primroses among flower growers; they are among the first to bloom in spring. To enjoy such an early flowering, you need to plant flowers in the fall.

Autumn planting time for crocus bulbs

Almost all bulbs are planted at the same time. Crocuses can be planted a little later than tulips and hyacinths. When comfortable weather is established, the bulbs will take no more than a month to root.

Primrose crocus bulbs are planted from early September to late October. For a more accurate landing time, specific weather conditions and region are important. The main principle is to plant the bulbs a month before the onset of real frosts, when the soil freezing depth is more than 10 cm.

Table: approximate dates for planting crocus bulbs in different regions

RegionApproximate term
Middle zone of Russia and Moscow regionEnd of September - October
Leningrad regionMid september
Ural and SiberiaBeginning of September
Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol TerritoryEnd of october
BelarusIn the north - at the beginning of October, in the south - at the end

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There is also a group of crocuses that bloom at the end of the season - in September and even October. There are few such varieties: Albus, Valikola, Oksonian. They are planted at the end of summer.

Crocuses blooming in autumn seem to have confused the season

Living in the North-West, I'm not particularly in a hurry to plant crocuses. It mainly occurs in early October. Planting the bulbs too early can lead to the loss of flowers if they not only have time to take root, but their sprouts will hatch out.

Crocuses planted at the wrong time may not endure winters and may not please with their bright spring flowering. Keeping a planting diary every year can help to find a better time to plant.

Experienced specialists who supplement the garden with new varieties of apple trees in the fall determine their choice by two main factors:

  • The economic - the assortment of seedlings offered by nurseries in September is much higher than in spring, and prices, on the contrary, are reduced
  • Climatic - the period of autumn rains has a beneficial effect on the successful development of the tender root system of the planted tree.

Errorsallowed by the gardener when calculating the optimal planting dates can be fatal: the unsuccessful tree will die with the first serious frosts.

Seedlings planted in early fall are more likely to harden.

While disembarked on time, who managed to get stronger before the cold winters and the seedling accumulated for the growing season guarantees a generous and harmonious yield in the future.

When is it better to plant a peach - in spring or autumn

For those who are faced with planting this crop for the first time, the question probably arose - when is it better to plant a peach, in autumn or spring? Experienced gardeners claim that it is better to plant the crop in the spring. It is during the spring planting that the largest number of established trees is observed.

It is not recommended to plant in autumn for one simple reason - there is a danger of a young seedling freezing out during winter frosts. At the same time, I would like to note that some are planted in the fall. But in order to protect the seedling, it is imperative to cover and mulch it before the winter cold. Anyway, in the Volga region, in Siberia, in the Urals, it is better to plant a peach tree in spring.

Features of growing crocuses

Taking into account that crocuses are perennials, you should especially carefully approach the creation of conditions for their cultivation. Plants can grow in one place for 3-5 years. It is necessary to choose the right place on the site, prepare the soil and the bulbs themselves, plant the nodules according to their requirements.

Seat selection

Crocuses need a long day of light for abundant flowering. Plant them in a place with maximum sunlight. The spring sun is not yet so hot, so it will not be able to damage the flowers. In a shaded area, crocuses will have a weak flowering, the plants will form too small buds.

You need to keep an eye on the site in advance. Plant the crocuses where the snow will melt first.

Do not plant primroses in the lowlands where water stagnates. The area for a flower bed of these flowers should be flat or raised.

Crocus soil

Crocuses do not tolerate acidic soils. If the acidity index of the soil is higher than neutral, lime or ash is used for deoxidation. For alkaline soil, peat will be required. The soil must be loose and fertilized.

When planting in clay soil, coarse sand is added. 2 weeks before planting, the soil is dug to a depth of 20-25 cm. Heavy soil will require laying a drainage layer. Crushed stone, fine gravel, expanded clay are used as drainage. The light soil is weighted with compost.

Preparing the bulbs for planting

The bulbs require processing before planting. In order to disinfect them, a solution of potassium permanganate or preparations of a fungicidal series (Maxim, Fundazol) are used. This will protect the bulbs from possible diseases.

For early rooting, you can additionally use growth stimulants (Kornevin, Heteroauxin). Small nodules are processed within 20 minutes, large ones - for half an hour. All drugs are used in accordance with the attached instructions.

Planting process

Planting holes are dug at a distance of 7-10 cm from each other. If you want to get a flower rug, you can plant the plants denser. It should be borne in mind that, near the bulbs, a large number of children will appear quite quickly, and it will be necessary to plant flowers.

Planting depth depends on the size of the corms. In light soil, adult tubers are buried 8-10 cm.If the soil is heavy, planting is done 2 cm higher. Children are planted to a depth of 5 cm in sandy soil, and 3 cm in clay soil.

On a note! The deeper the planting, the fewer babies will form bulbs and the less often you will have to plant the nest.

A sand cushion is made at the bottom of each hole to prevent the bulbs from rotting. Tubers are placed in the hole with the bottom down. On top of the hole, sprinkle with soil and watered if the planting was made in dry soil. When the earth settles after watering, it is poured over. After planting, flower beds with crocuses are mulched with coarse sand - this will prevent rapid evaporation of moisture.

Custom planting time for apple trees for Siberia and the Urals - August

Situations in life are different, and it is not always to do gardening work for a while. Therefore, summer planting of apple trees is sometimes practiced. It is held in August, in those regions where summers are short and winters are cold, come early (for example, Western Siberia, Northern Urals). The tree is time to calm down and prepare for the winter, which in these places may come in early October. With such a planting, it is necessary to water the young trees well if the summer was dry and there is not enough moisture in the soil.

Summer planting of apple trees is recommended only in August

Incredibly, the tree can be planted even in winter in southern Russia. For example, in Crimea, where the temperature during the winter months can be constantly positive, it is possible to plant apple trees in December.

Favorable days for planting crocuses in the fall in 2020 according to the lunar calendar

Planting crocuses for an experienced summer resident is not difficult, and a novice florist can do it quite well.

Landing dates

The timing of crocus planting in autumn depends on the region and the weather of the current year. They do not need a lot of time to settle down in a new place: 2-3 weeks are enough. No heat is needed either, but moist soil is required. But planting too early can be disastrous: if the bulbs not only germinate, but the sprouts appear outward, when frost sets in, plants can be lost.

Therefore, focusing on long-term weather observations, they try to plant the bulbs 2-3 weeks before stable frosts, that is, when daytime temperatures are no higher than + 6 ... + 8 о С, and weak frosts are already observed at night. In the middle lane, and in the Moscow region in particular, such weather does not come earlier than October, and in other years only by the end of this month. And even in Siberia and the Urals, before September, it is not worth planting bulbs.

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In order for the planting material to take root normally, but not to go into active growth, you need to choose the most suitable time. When is it better to plant crocus corms in open ground in the fall, in what month? Approximately landing is made inend of August, in September, in some cases in early October.

When choosing the timing of planting crocuses, you need to focus on the weather conditions: you need to plant the bulbs 3-4 weeks before the first autumn frosts. Under such conditions, they will be able to take root, but they will not have time to germinate, and they will not freeze out during a cold snap.

Of course, in different parts of Russia, the first frosts come at different times, so the timing of planting crocuses in autumn is also different:

  • In the middle lane (Moscow region) - mid September
  • In Siberia, in the Urals, in the North-West (Leningrad region) - end of August, beginning of September
  • In the South (Krasnodar Territory (Kuban), North Caucasus) - second half of September, early October.

Experienced gardening tips

In conditions middle lane, Ural and Siberia for autumn planting, it is best to choose zoned, and if necessary, winter-hardy varieties that are acclimatized and quickly take root. So, fruit trees of Siberian and Ural selection - pear and apple, mountain ash, mulberry and cherry plum - tolerate planting in autumn quite well.

For gardeners southern regions it is better to plant trees in the fall. In these parts, autumn is long, warm, with occasional rains, which is "the very thing" for seedlings. But spring here too quickly can be replaced by hot summer.

Saplings that dug out ahead of time (before natural leaf fall) most often have immature shoots and almost always freeze slightly.

If you bought a "beautiful tree" with leaves for planting, you risk getting not only unripe, but also overdried seedling, because the main loss of moisture goes precisely through the sheet plate. And how to choose the right seedling, you can learn from the article General recommendations for choosing a seedling and planting fruit trees:

In the south, autumn planting of trees and shrubs is preferable.

The main thing is to remember: nature will substitute its hands for any of its offspring, and we must try to hand over healthy ripe seedlings with a good root system to it in the most favorable time frame. Then there will be no need for a young tree to sit on "sick leave" for years, and to receive "disability" by the age of majority. If everything is done correctly, in whatever season we plant - in autumn, summer or spring - the tree will respond with cheerful growth, excellent development and a rich harvest.

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