Marit Danielsson: Have you seen Edward Scissorhands?

CHRONICLE: Have you seen Edward Scissorhands? A touching film where Johnny Depp has the worst hedge trimmers to his fingers. It's not the optimal time to prune, but I do not prune, I just look good.

For who has not planted shrubs too densely? Recognize? Well, anyway, eager to build a room, I planted the bushes that would be too crazy wall. At first it gives a nice effect, but now! Ten years later! Where does the medlar begin and where does the elder begin? Where is the elder by the way, well there yes - behind the birch spire that fights under the schersmin - like hops! is entangled in hop vines that meander far, far away towards the rose bush… In other words: it is a single mess. But now I'm playing Edward Scissorhands. Flip flip. I cut all the plants apart. And look - it looks well maintained! As if someone has thought. (There will be new worries next year when the cut branches branch off crazy, but why worry about tomorrow?) Now the medlar is nicely rounded off and gets its own contour. The elder takes off nicely just behind. The birch spire stands out proudly, liberated and exalted to its own individual. Never before has a gap of a few centimeters been so significant! Recommended.

In addition, I have invented a new commandment: Nothing wooded may touch the ground. Up from the ground only! Like the shipwreck game for all woody people. It gets so much more beautiful when I cut off the branches that touch the ground. The bushes lift. Hocus Pocus. It looks like real bushes in a real man's garden! A pinhole higher up the scale from slum plot to garden.

Then I'm not the one who usually loves me in gear. Maybe because they die in my care a premature death of rust, and such can create attachment problems. But this new Fiskars secateurs that I have is so heavenly good, and then I have to tell you. If the branch is too strong to cut off, then just cut once more and the secateurs will shift up and bite, it is not enough to chew once more. 1-2-3 then you are through. You get power you do not have. Who does not want it? Good luck!


I feel trend winds. Which smells of dung. I'm talking about the farm romance, of course.

In the peasant style the arrangements must absolutely not feel ... arranged. The whole thing must have mostly happened to be standing somewhere, like the boxwood globe in a zinc bucket. Nothing aesthetically pleasing, the cows must be milked!

Here we do not pick away from shovels and skewers, they are always there under the roof projection, they are used all the time…

Uncut grass. Cut, cut and cut ... The kids say: Power!?. The peasant romantic says: Hinna !?

So the tufts may thrive.

Rubber boots is king. Here is a pair that was cut off and remained on its feet all summer. Sköööna. And the right attribute for the farm romantic. Fits old Volvo mansion and Grålle tractor.

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Trendspecial 2010!

Got zero but too embarrassing to ask?

We do it anyway.

The English cottage garden - style study.

Tough plants for tough situations.


Recreate the summer croft.

This year's new seeds!

The little plot: The designer's secrets.

Strain yourself.

Produced: 2012

Genre: Animated / 3D

Length: 100 min

Allowed from: 7 years

Director: Mark Andrews

Swedish voices: Amy Diamond, Elisabet Carlsson, Leif Andrйe, Ewa Fröling, John Houdi

Since time immemorial, stories of great battles and mysterious legends have been passed down to future generations among the barren and mysterious highlands of Scotland.

In "Brave", a new story begins when the brave Merida confronts tradition, fate and the most terrible beasts.Merida is a skilled archer with a fierce temperament, and the daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. To find her own way in life, Merida breaks an ancient and sacred custom. Merida's action indirectly leads to chaos and rage in the kingdom, and when she asks an eccentric old wise woman for help, her unfortunate wish unfortunately comes true. The dangerous consequences force Merida to discover the meaning of genuine courage, she must break a terrible curse before it is too late.

Ever since Pixar 1995 came along TOY STORY have they done success after success and I think BRAVE will not be an exception. With movies like TOY STORY 1 - 3, FIND NEMO, CARS, SUPER HEROES etc. so you probably know what you get if you go and see a movie from Disney Pixar. A good and nice cartoon. Of course, it's like with a regular feature film that one is better than the other and you always find your own favorite. With me, it is the above mentioned and among the weakest, thinking about the story, I have the hardest time UP and WALL-E. They were nicely made and the kids liked them but I thought they have a boring story.

BRAVE is not the worst that Pixar has done but neither is the best. Yesterday I was at the cinema with the two youngest in the family, a 7 year old and an 11 year old and watched the movie in 3D. I think that is the best thing about films like this, how well and well they work in 3D. Because it's like I mentioned before that 3D actually does best in the cartoon world, and BRAVE is no exception.

The basic story of the film is very reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren's RONJA RÖVARDOTTER. A king has a daughter who, when she grows up, wants to go her own way and ignore traditions and wants to feel freedom and discover dangers and experiences on her own. Surely it is recognizable?

Although here there are no gray dwarfs and savages, but small blue creatures, vultures that are reminiscent of the underground but are much kinder than those creatures in Astrid Lindgren's story.

Pixar really knows what they are doing and how to do it. Because the details in the film are awesome and you get the same shot every time you see a film from them. Then you can also count on it always coming in 3D version as well. Another thing that the company always has is the humor and wonderful supporting characters, who are usually the ones who lift the whole film. Without them, these animated films will probably fall flat like a pancake. Then it is usually the case that I see the Swedish version of the film and can therefore rarely compare the original with this one. But I have to say that the voices for the film are very good and feel believable and Amy Diamond who makes the voice for Merida is really good. There they have managed to find a voice that suits the rebellious Merida. That the voices work for the characters is actually half the movie.

I like BRAVE and if you ask my children, they thought it was great, especially the 7-year-old girl, she loves princess-hero movies.

But there was one thing I wondered after watching the movie and that was its title, BRAVE. Why is it called brave? Sure, Merida is "brave" and does as she pleases, but the whole film is about her wanting to change traditions and go her own way and go on adventures. So I think it would be called some other type of revolt or something. But it probably does not matter because as a film it keeps the excitement for the little ones all the way. Of course it is a good family film that I really think you should go and see with your children, and preferably then the 3D version that I saw myself.

Out of five possible, I give the film BRAVE a third in ratings and if you want to see it, it is currently going to the cinemas.

Here is a clip from the movie.

Video: Edgar Scissorhands: Youve seen Edward Scissorhands, now meet his son, Edgar.

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