Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Sagittarius

Calendar of mascot plants for the zodiac sign Sagittarius

From November 23rd to December 24th the sun goes through zodiac sign of Sagittarius... Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are usually honest, open-minded people who do not tolerate any restrictions. But often they lack diplomatic ability, and they should watch themselves so that their humor is not excessive.

From adolescence, they should learn to set more realistic goals for themselves and not be so strict with others. Sagittarius is characterized by a craving for the unknown and a desire to navigate beyond traditional boundaries, both territorial and informational, legal and spiritual. But on this path, more often than representatives of other signs of the zodiac, they are met with errors, failures, injuries, accidents. Sagittarius plants can serve as talismans in professional and social activities for university teachers, philosophers, clergy, mentors, lawyers, publishers, editors, chief physicians, athletes.

Sansevieria three-lane

Sansevieria is useful for those who intend to get a serious education. It is able to speed up the learning process, activate entrepreneurship, and helps to combine existing education with commercial interests. Sansevieria can serve as a talisman for both teachers and students.

For home and office premises, sansevieria is valuable in that it absorbs the energy of gravity, roughness and harshness from the atmosphere of the house, creating a climate more suitable for thought and creativity.

For the physical health of people, it is good because it protects its owners from ailments and general weakness, especially when the atmospheric pressure changes.


Strongly growing, unpretentious plant, sensitive to changes in lighting and drafts. The most common varieties in culture are: lemon Pavlovsky and Meera lemon; both taste very good. Fruiting occurs in 3-4 years. In winter, a lemon tree needs a temperature of + 10 ... + 14 ° С.

Psychologists have noticed that the energy of the lemon tends to induce people towards external social life. For example, it can provide an incentive to find work for those who previously lived in someone's care. A person begins to more actively express himself in society, strive for activities leading to the achievement of high peaks.

Where people think a lot about earthly blessings, lemon frees the atmosphere from non-embodied thoughts and desires. In a purified atmosphere, it becomes possible to think freely on different topics.

The presence of lemon in the home improves liver condition and blood quality in people.


It is a bulbous plant from the amaryllis family. Flowers are small, tubular, funnel-shaped, 10-12 flowers per inflorescence. It blooms in early spring.

Clivia is propagated by seeds or layering. Transplant it as rarely as possible. During the budding period, the pot is not moved.

Psychologically, Clivia helps Sagittarius cope with the influx of bad mood, especially in the month before the birthday and in the first month after the date of birth. It is known that Sagittarius are prone to neuroses, and this is very important for them.

In the home, clivia neutralizes the irritation energy associated with any kind of social activity. Cleansing the atmosphere in the house, clivia makes it possible to quickly find the optimal attitude to social activities.

For health, clivia is good because it raises the vitality of the heart, keeps it in a vigorous state.

And yet, despite the described opportunities to obtain the desired talismans, the end result is achieved by trial and error. Since you choose plants and plants choose you.

Good luck to everyone in spiritual communication with the beauty of Nature!

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs:
Aries, calf, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist

Zodiac sign Sagittarius - description of the element

Characteristics of the elements of Fire

As you already know, the zodiac horoscope includes four elements: Fire - flaming, Air - gaseous, Earth - hardness and Water - liquid. All verses are repeated three times in turn. At different levels of the zodiac, they reflect the gradual development of each of these elements, from the initial stage and reaching a deeper state of the element.

The elements of Fire include the zodiacal representatives - Sagittarius, Aries and Leo

Properties of the representatives of Fire - internal and external activity, mobile with a desire for qualitative changes, hot, easy-going, easily changing, dynamic and impulsive, giving light and warmth, needs fuel and a combustion environment, no volume, eye-catching, visible and bright, poorly compatible with water, needs air.

The principle of the elements of Fire - will, action, energy and activity, acting surely and to the point

Fire Signs Traits - these are active, purposeful and active people, they are emotional, slightly impulsive, always carried away and captivating other people, brave and generous, capable of love and passion.

Born under the sign of Fire - they are always motivated, they can change their views, if necessary, they are dynamic with a quick reaction and always try to develop, create something, they like to patronize, they are quickly quick-witted and warm.

In life situations, representatives of Fire - winners who are not afraid of danger, competition and the struggle for justice, they are reckless, they love to develop and act, think not for them for a long time, they are inspired in love, but also jealous, they are creative people ready for transformation with the makings of a leader.

Born people, under the sign of Fire, will attract your attention with their cheerful disposition, love rest and entertainment, have fun and be in the center of attention, are cheerful and always move towards a new goal, sometimes they are boastful and can get angry, love fame and strive for it , they are revolutionaries leading to change.

They cannot be humiliated, it is better to be friends with them, or to be at a distance, because they are just and will not tolerate lies and injustice.

Lack of Fire Representatives - pallor of manifestations of feelings, a person is too bright and noticeable, it can be difficult to sway, sometimes unable to inspire others, they have low self-esteem, it happens that they are insecure, often lack of initiative, it is difficult for them to be in an environment of competition, inadequate expression of aggression and anger, aggression, jealousy, poorly quick-witted.

Excessive representatives of Fire - mostly conflicted people, rude, harsh and aggressive, sometimes hot-tempered, impulsive and unrestrained, too reckless and risky, proud, arrogant and vain. These signs are not assiduous, self-oriented, often do not want to see other people's motivation and interest, they are proud and can be arrogant, their ambitions often do not match their level.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius is best suited for union with Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Libra and Scorpio.

Average compatibility with representatives of Pisces, Capricorn, Gemini and Sagittarius

Least of all, the signs of Taurus and Cancer are suitable for Capricorn.

The most effective stones and minerals

Esotericists consider crystals to be souls that store the strength accumulated in nature over millions of years. Natural minerals have a certain energy that affects the person who uses them in different ways.

Stones-talismans are largely determined by the date of birth of a person. Sometimes, when choosing a talisman, even the place and exact time of birth are taken into account. Common talismans for all Capricorns are:

Stones are endowed with powerful energy, so it is important to choose the right amulets for your sign and not use strangers. Capricorns are strictly forbidden to have amulets or talismans with sapphire, emerald or citrine. Sapphire depletes internal resources. Citrine endows the representatives of the sign with a reckless passion. Capricorns with emerald adornments become grumpy bores. Another forbidden stone for an earth sign is pearls, which can divert love luck.

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman

Communication between a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman is most often forced, but even if the situation requires mutual respect, these people are restrained with great difficulty. Each of them perceives the other's behavior as absurd, and since both are not distinguished by tact, sparks of irritation will now and then slip between them.

The personal relationship of this couple is most often based only on physical attraction, but in their case, this is not enough. As a rule, this connection ends abruptly, after which Sagittarius and Taurus avoid each other's company.

UNWANTED UNION - The Taurus guy chooses his life partner with his head, and the Sagittarius girl - with her heart. If a young man is interested in her, she will contribute to the beginning of a relationship before the Taurus determines for himself whether he needs this connection.

At first, lovers look closely at each other with interest, each of them tries to find pleasant character traits in such a different person. The Sagittarius girl sees the guy as extravagant in nature, next to which his life will sparkle with new colors. At first, he will be carried away by the constant change of impressions, but he will quickly get tired and want certainty. He will not wait for guarantees of serious plans for a joint future from a girl - she does not like to think ahead, preferring to live one day. For this reason, the young man is constantly in tension, because he does not know how his beloved will behave in the next minute. Making attempts to stabilize the relationship, he only repels the freedom-loving girl even more. A mismatch of interests most often leads to a major quarrel, after which attempts to improve relations on both sides will no longer be appropriate.

AVERAGE COMPATIBILITY - The marriage of representatives of these zodiac signs is very rare. The motive for creating a family can be a blinding love or selfish interest of one of the spouses. If the Taurus man and the Sagittarius woman knew each other long before the wedding, it may be that they learned to listen to each other, but again, in addition to mutual feelings, there must be some kind of rapprochement factor.

For a husband, the home environment is of great importance, but his wife considers household chores a routine. Most likely, it will be a man who will maintain order and comfort in the house. He is also the main earner in the family. A Sagittarius woman is able to stay in one workplace for a long time only if her occupation is interesting to her. She knows how to make money, but spends it mainly on pleasure. The Taurus man considers his wife's expenses to be completely stupid, in his opinion, she lives every day like the last, and in general, she spends her life.

It is difficult even to imagine what events must happen for the spouses to begin to relate to each other with greater understanding. In rare cases, they may be united by common hobbies associated, for example, with religion or charity. No matter how trite it may sound, mutual love can also be a serious incentive for these people to protect their relationship.

UNWANTED UNION - The Taurus guy and the Sagittarius girl, if they communicate, then not for long. Each of them has the feeling that they speak different languages. Even if they have a common passion, it may not be of equal value to them. The young man takes a deep interest in his hobby, while the girl changes her preferences and outlook on life with particular speed. It is unlikely that these people can be interested in each other's society only for the purpose of communication. Friendship of a man and a woman in this case is impossible, and too close a connection between a Taurus and a Sagittarius speaks of mutual sympathy.

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