Equipment for growing vegetables in hydroponics

The essence of the method of growing vegetables using hydroponic equipment is to cultivate plants without soil composition, using a mineral substrate. Instead of soil, water is used, to which a nutritional composition is added. The roots of plants are moistened with this liquid from time to time. This type of equipment can be purchased in a store or made by yourself. Let's consider in more detail what is needed for this and how to collect it with your own hands in order to grow vegetables and fruits at home or greenhouse conditions.

Is it possible to make a hydroponic installation yourself in the country

As this method becomes more and more popular, there is a growing number of gardeners who want to build equipment suitable for growing vegetables on their own.

This will require some materials:

  • aquarium or hydroponic pump - with its help, the water is saturated with oxygen. It is recommended to replace all tubes of the pumping unit with silicone analogs;
  • a container with a lid made of opaque materials (forty to fifty liters) - a nutrient liquid is poured into it. The volume will depend on the number of plants, for each one should provide two to three liters of solution;
  • hydropots or pots with drainage holes for seedlings - they acquire special containers that have slots in the lower parts of the walls. You can make such glasses yourself. Through the holes, the root system will receive nutrition;
  • timer device - it is set to a fifteen-minute mode - the time interval for the nutrient fluid entering the pots;
  • substrate - use a variety of materials that meet the basic requirement - hygiene;
  • nutrient solution - they acquire complex fertilizers added to water, or special concentrates.

You will also need a special stone that sprays air bubbles. It is desirable that it be new - the likelihood of the presence of pathogenic bacteria in it is excluded.

Varieties of equipment and installations

It is believed that hydroponics is divided into three groups, which is due to the peculiarities of its work:

  • drip - the nutritional solution is from time to time fed through a tube system, penetrating to the root system. Distinguish between reversible and non-reversible types. In the first variant, the rest of the solution is reused, in the second case, the adjustment is made so that the solution is consumed in full;
  • periodic flooding - the substrate mass in which the culture develops is periodically flooded, then drained again. Hydroponics operates in cycles, the nutritional solution is poured into the substrate, the excess is removed;
  • nutrient layer - the operation of the device is based on the cyclic inflow of feeding solutions in small quantities along the bottom of the container, near which the tips of the root systems are located. They do not have a substrate, and a timer is not required in them. Oxygen enters through slots in the container that contains the plants.

How to make a DIY hydroponic system

There are two ways to do this - buy everything you need in the store and assemble the system, or make it from available tools.

Liquid storage tank

We take a large container, arrange it in the lid holes for pots... Their diameter should be slightly smaller than the circumference of the upper edge of the pot so that it does not fall through;

Pots and pumping equipment

Containers for plants can be purchased or made by hand. A hole is made in the upper part of the tank, into which the compressor tube is passed. According to the instructions, a spray stone is prepared, which is then immersed in water.

Experienced gardeners recommend disinfecting the tank and pots to destroy pathogens.


Connection is made according to the scheme stone - tube - pumping unit... A performance check is being carried out. After that, the tank is filled with settled water by two-thirds, the substrate is laid in the pots. The top of the pots can be covered with plastic cups to create a greenhouse effect;

Necessary substrate

For these purposes, it is perfect expanded clay stone... It will be better if he turns out to be large fractions. When germinating seeds in pots, you can lay mineralized cotton wool.

The substrate can be fine gravel, river sand, coconut fibers, perlite.

Any material must meet the basic requirements - do not release harmful substances into the liquid and do not absorb nutrients from it. The structure of the substrate mass should be porous, it should be perfectly washed from accumulated salts, and it should serve for a long time.

After completing all the activities, you can turn on the pumping unit.

How to convert plants to hydroponics

There are several basic steps for this. The plant is carefully removed from the ground. In this case, it is necessary to act carefully so that do not damage the root system... If the culture is tall enough, with well-developed roots, then the pot is pre-soaked in water to make it easier to extract the plant.

The roots are washed with water so that there is no soil left on them. Any organic matter remaining on the roots will cause the process of rotting and death of the culture. The water should be warm so as not to shock the plant.

The hydroponic plant is placed on a flat surface, in a shaded place... Strong sunlight can interfere with root recovery. The roots of the plant are placed in the substrate in such a way that they are completely covered.

Watering is carried out with clean water so that it completely wets the substrate.

Getting divorced root former from the complex composition, is poured into the container. Pure water is poured to the required level.

After waiting a week, the water is completely drained from the container. Then the nutrient liquid is prepared and poured into the hydroponic container.

All that remains to be done is to top up the nutrient fluid as needed, completely change it through one - a month and a half.

Hydroponics technology is available to any gardener. With its help, you can grow plants at home all year round. Fertilizers are acceptable; installation will require no more than one square meter of free space.

This disaster will soon pass - this is - we are talking about the coronavirus and the pandemic. And although, in the opinion of many, a reorganization of the economic structure is coming, we will again begin to make our unique equipment for you. It will be soon - for now, the current situation certainly creates a deficit and preconditions for price changes, but now there is a way out.

There were times when many enterprising people, as a rule, sought to invest in commercial real estate in order to rent it out, but over time, the demand for rent adjusted and the demand for such premises fell, and especially in small towns there were many unclaimed square meters. and then there's this pandemic. For many, the questions arose with renewed vigor: “Where to use such real estate and how to get a guaranteed stable income from it?”, “What to do? Where to invest free money? " -a basements, semi-basements will still be empty.

We offer you, with our help, to organize a profitable business based on the use of such premises to generate additional income at low cost.
Growing any plants and green crops - dill, parsley, basil, coriander, spinach, as well as vegetables, strawberries, various salads and other plants using the hydroponic method, packing such products and selling them through the distribution network - can become such a profitable profitable business, according to our proposal. This business can be successfully dealt with even at home, and already now, such a business with success can be not only interesting, but also profitable all year round.
The guaranteed annual profitability is from 80 to 250%, because you will have to spend money on equipment once every 20 years, and besides that, every one ruble invested is guaranteed to "bear" up to five rubles in profit.
Our help for the development of such a business by you - we can provide assistance with consultations and accompany you until a positive result is obtained, having previously sold you detailed documentation. Unfortunately, due to the quarantine, the production of equipment on order has been temporarily stopped by us - we very much believe that it will not be for long.

We invite you to become our partner and, however, we will continue….

We invite you to a dialogue on the topic of organizing and creating such a case with our help.
Doubters are invited to a written communication by e-mail [email protected]

The main thing - for the compulsory assimilation by you - this is what!

Now you are on the Internet - in the most liberal information system for information exchange and other communication. Here, those who publish something are almost never "asked for a passport", such "writers" are often simply impossible to find in order to prosecute, for example, for lying. Therefore, a person who wants to find something useful for himself on the Internet needs to be very attentive and well-read "in life" - you can be veiledly offered a lot of false information aimed at "sniffing" you "a perfect trifle.
Any media often write about this.
But …
the subject of our site is improved low-volume hydroponics under artificial lighting - a way of year-round cultivation of most plant species inside deaf simple (not greenhouse) premises, so below we will communicate with you in this area of ​​crop production.

Moreover, our special equipment and agricultural practices developed and offered by us are not some "whatnot" supposedly intended for growing green crops (dill, parsley, cilantro, basil, etc.), of which there are dozens, if not hundreds (?!). Our growing methodology is a way of replacing and compensating for most of the direct costs from the composition of the prime cost to such a value that the total costs of growing most of these plants are reduced by 3 or even 5 times. Accordingly, increasing the profit of the user. In this part, in terms of profitability, our method is steeper in terms of profitability than any known cultivation method.

So - let's continue on the topic and start systematically and from afar - what kind of profitable business to choose and why hydroponics indoors or in the basement (which means - all year round)?

Numerous banks also offer everyone to invest money at interest, but the offered income in this case can be up to a maximum of 9% per annum.

Someone may advise you to invest money at a higher interest rate, but this almost always does not end well.

There is an inner conviction or suggestions on the network to do a resale business.
But if you deal with this very "sale and purchase", then - what will be its object?
After all, it is quite obvious that the entire market for consumer goods in demand has long been filled, because half of the business population of Russia has been engaged in this business for more than 20 years and from very many you often hear about the difficulty of acquiring at least some profit through such operations.
Moreover, since 2018, the Law again introduces cash registers - now through accounting.

But there is a way out! In our opinion, it is necessary to start competently using any (even basement) premises and organize the cultivation in them, for example, of food greens, ornamental and medicinal herbs, then pack all this with high quality and offer it through small grocery stores, if you are lucky, through supermarkets.

The argumentation of the profitability of the development of this profitable business as a profitable business and an interesting occupation, according to the prerequisites for the organization, is as follows.

The consumer market has very high prices for crop products - in some cases, the profitability from the sale of these products in the market or in supermarkets approached the values ​​of 200-400%, therefore it will "wedge" into the sales chain in small shops, ensuring your profitability of 100 -150% won't be difficult.

On profitability in clear numbers.

Profitability is evident! It is quite possible to receive up to three rubles of net profit per one ruble invested. Agree - in such a business you can profitably invest money for many years.

Very important.

It is also important.

Such a business will not only be profitable, but also very interesting.

If the peculiar design of the site prevents you from concentrating, then activate this link, receive the text of the entire site on your computer and familiarize yourself with it while offline and at any other time.

A bit of history.
Back in 2004, we "moved" simple hydroponic plant cultivation, which was widespread in greenhouses before us, into a simple heated (not a greenhouse or even a basement) premises, added our improvements to it and deduced that it became possible to grow plants using our method at much lower costs than even in any greenhouse and, accordingly, all year round - despite the harsh cold weather and heavy snowfalls in winter in most regions of Russia.

Our path to this conclusion and the result we now have was long and difficult.
In the period from 1998 to 2006 (with the participation of well-known domestic scientists - Professor Ermakov E.I., AFI, St. Petersburg), we experimented.
and, finally, we "tested" a special technique that allows us to significantly reduce the costly part of growing many types of food of plant origin,
in 2008 we completed the development and now for the sixth year we have been producing special multi-tiered hydroponic plants, which today are unique not only in terms of manufacturability, but also in terms of high profitability.
It is such equipment that you can order from us for organizing the business of obtaining additional high profits from the operation of even basements.

The photographs below show the operating complex for growing microgreens, any green crops, vegetables and berries in a basement using three-tier GUVOSIT of the last (sixth) modification. This complex is located in the Far East region of our country.

If you want to enlarge any of these photos - click on it with the left button of the bear.

Learn more about our multi-tiered hydroponic equipment here.

To the point, let's say that the method of cultivation proposed and repeatedly tested by us is exclusively domestic (Russian) improving simple hydroponic plant cultivation.

Our methodology is adapted to the conditions of the domestic commercial market with high energy prices and can safely be a topic for a new profitable business.
The very method of hydroponic growing of plants (in other words, hydroponics), in turn, has been widely known for almost 100 years both abroad and in our country - you constantly use hydroponic products grown in foreign greenhouse complexes for food in the cold season. for almost 40 years.

Read more about such a profitable business and its profitability on growing green onions here.

Read more about the business and its profitability on the cultivation of dill, parsley, cilantro - information - here.

We urge you to accept that this site of ours is an official direct commercial offer to start cooperating with us.Moreover, the site, and unlike several thousand other reprint sites, aims to help you choose the right direction for obtaining quality information about hydroponics.
Please click here and email us about the quality of any other offer - we will definitely answer you and help you understand the essence of the third-party offer.

So - let's clarify - you can start cooperation with us in the direction of organizing such a new profitable business:

1. - either with purchase by you of a package of organizational and technical documentation in version 1 with consultations.
In fact, the documentation in version 1 is a non-periodical publication in Russian, it is a detailed instruction on how to organize this profitable business. These are the results of all our work over the past ten years (in recommendations and in photographs). This material tells you how to independently make, assemble and start operating the multi-tiered hydroponic equipment we have developed. This material comes with our advice and is an ideal guide for those who do not yet have the funds to order equipment from us right away, but have minimal technical applied skills and a desire to make money. The acquisition of this documentation is a way out for those who live at a great distance from the central part of Russia and where it is expensive to deliver the equipment we manufacture.

To get you a high additional income without organizing any production, you can become an intermediary between us and those who are interested in the option of a profitable investment of money by using an empty (even basement) premises - for this you need to carefully read the page after studying this entire site site under the name "Mediator".

We ask you very much -

All (without exception) established partners have approved our developments - for them the question has ceased to exist: "Where and how can you profitably invest money?"
Here are the reviews of some of our partners.

After mastering the information on the site, please do not try to calculate the cost of products obtained according to our method on your own - the main profitable component - the essence of the "know-how" itself is hidden from commercial considerations.

Attention! In accordance with the privacy policy and partnership agreements (contracts), detailed details of partners are not provided upon request. Read the answer to question 14 on the page of this site under the title "Question-Answer".
If you wish, you can familiarize yourself with the answers to frequently asked questions in the edition as of 01.06. 2018.

Ask a question or get advice:

You can send a letter to managers with questions or suggestions by using the written dialogue form, which is located in the lower left corner of each page of the site, or by using the e-mail address - [email protected]
You can also write us a letter by clicking here.

Our 24/7 Contact phone number - +7 (919)673-09-73

You can communicate with the project manager, whose photographs are posted on some pages of the site, by Skype - for this, use the Skype login - fa5216bf864748f6.
It is highly advisable to order a convenient time for a video conversation by calling the above phone number in advance (2-3 hours in advance).

What is hydroponics

Hydroponics is a specialized farming system that allows you to grow vegetables and other crops without soil. Traditionally, nutrient solutions are used for hydroponics, and systems are placed in greenhouses or indoors.

The capital investment required to start a hydroponics business will vary depending on the scale that is planned. A greenhouse business plan will require a little more investment, than organizing a small production in an apartment.


The hydroponics business is gaining popularity among aspiring entrepreneurs. The fact is that this way of growing plants leaves less risk for production losses, and does not require much physical effort, compared to conventional crop production.

What exactly is the difference between hydroponics and a vegetable garden:

  1. An entrepreneur does not need a land plot
  2. Plants are in a nutrient aqueous solution, which means they do not need fertilization and are not able to die from drought even in extreme agricultural conditions
  3. No need to use chemicals - in the absence of soil, the risk of diseases and pests is reduced to zero
  4. Some plants bear fruit better and faster with hydroponics
  5. Grown in this way, vegetables and greens are stored longer and are less damaged during transportation.
  6. Since hydroponics can be installed at any height, some crops can be raised to the desired height in advance for ease of collection and eliminating the risk of rot
  7. This business is not seasonal - the hydroponic system allows you to harvest all year round, and there is always a demand for vegetables and herbs.

So there are clear benefits to the hydroponic business. How to start growing vegetables and herbs for sale?

Device types

Cultivation is carried out according to several hydroponic schemes:

  1. Ebb and flow. A feature of this scheme is the following. The root part is periodically immersed in a nutrient solution for a short period of time. Then the liquid is removed. The roots "breathe".
  2. Capillary. The roots are inside the substrate (filler). It is soaked in a nutrient solution. Complex automation is not required for implementation. Many novice users opt for such installations.
  3. Drip. Quite a common way. Here, the solution is periodically fed to the root part in drops. When passing through the filler, a part is used by the roots, the remaining moisture is drained into the accumulator, and then redirected to drip irrigation.

It remains to consider how such a technology for working with cultivated crops is implemented in practice.

How much money is needed to start a business

Hydroponics at the start requires some investment, but the savings in the growing process and high yields will quickly pay off the initial investment. In order to establish production not as a hobby, but to reach stable production, an average of 10 to 25 thousand dollars will be required. But this is only a one-time large investment, in the future the costs will be

are minimal, since everything will be ready for production. At the start, you will need to prepare and purchase everything you need:

  1. Premises - you can build yourself or rent a finished one.
  2. A hydroponic plant is the main tool for this type of business.
  3. Seeds and substrate - the cost will vary depending on what you plan to grow.
  4. Pallets and containers - for a comfortable business.
  5. Special lighting - since the cultivation will take place indoors, this is a key point that will affect the yield and quality of the products grown.
  6. Water purification systems and systems that maintain the desired temperature.
  7. Backup methods of heating the premises - in case of emergency in case of power outages.
  8. Air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  9. Special containers in which nutrient solutions will be stored.
  10. Electric generators to provide power reserve.

All equipment and tools are bought once, so it is very profitable to conduct this business, in the future, costs will go only for seeds, substrate and fertilizers, but they are minimal.

You will also need to spend additional money on business registration, advertising and other administrative issues so that the business is legal and there are no negative consequences in the future.

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This statement is partly true, since this method of cultivation significantly reduces the risk of plant diseases, which means that they develop faster and better. In addition, plants receive more nutrients and oxygen, which, of course, also has a positive effect on the yield, both quantitatively and qualitatively. However, you should not think that this is some kind of magical way to get huge tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. It all depends on the crop, and hydroponics only makes it possible to get the best possible results.

This statement is as true as it is that racing cars only serve to ensure that criminals can flee the crime scene instantly. Indeed, the main use of cannabis growing is hydroponics. However, this method is used by vegetable growers, flower growers, lovers of exotic plants, and many people who want to get the most common crops, but of good quality and without wasting time and effort.

Finally, we can add that for many, growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers in hydroponics has become a favorite hobby and even a business. Therefore, it is important to have a correct understanding of this technology and not to believe empty rumors.

The operation of the TDS meter is based on the electrical conductivity of the water - the electrodes immersed in the water create an electric field between them. Pure distilled water itself does not conduct current; it is formed by various impurities and compounds dissolved in water.

Salt meter or TDS meter is a stationary small-sized device for measuring the hardness of water and the percentage of different types of substances in it.

Coconut substrate, made from the peel and fibers of coconut crushed into fine crumbs, is a fairly young material.

In order for the transplanted flowers to grow and develop well, their roots need moisture and the ability to breathe through the earthen soil. An ordinary earthen mixture is a fairly dense substance that poorly permeates life-giving moisture and air to the roots.

Expanded clay drainage material or expanded clay is one of the types of substrate used for rooting cuttings of roses, carnations and other floral plants.

In the last century, scientists discovered substances that affect the work of certain functions of a plant. With the help of these substances, every gardener can influence the life cycle of the plant, accelerate or slow down its development. Such substances are called growth stimulants.

Modern technologies make it possible to control the development of plants at the will of man. Back in the 20th century, scientists discovered phytohormones, substances that stimulate all vital processes and control their course.

When growing plants without sunlight, you need to work hard to provide everything you need. After all, the plant feeds precisely on light rays, without which growth and development is impossible, soil and fertilizer play a secondary role.

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