An example of building a brick gazebo: everything is much easier than it seems

Modern people more and more often go to the country to relax, chat with friends or just be in nature, far from the bustle of the city. It is especially pleasant to sit in a company and treat guests to barbecue outdoors, but with conveniences. Such conditions can be provided by a cozy gazebo right in the garden. Thinking about the construction of such a building, everyone imagines it in their own way. For some, a light wooden structure entwined with maiden grapes looks tempting. And someone really wants to celebrate the New Year in a circle of loved ones in a snowy dacha. You can't think of anything better than an all-season brick gazebo for this purpose.

Brick gazebos are becoming more and more popular. To understand the reason for what is happening, let's talk first about the merits of this structure.

  • The brick structure is strong and durable.
  • Brick is an excellent material that does not need regular or special maintenance.
  • In a building of this type, warmth and dryness will be guaranteed; it is much easier to organize truly home comfort in it than in a wooden structure.

However, there are also disadvantages, and it is necessary to mention them.

  • The solidity of the building suggests its massiveness. So that its qualities do not disappoint your expectations, you should plan everything carefully, build a solid foundation and spend a lot of money.
  • It will take more time to build a brick gazebo with your own hands than to build a structure made of wood.

I would like to dwell on the costs a little more. Yes, more money will be spent on a brick structure, but precisely at the construction stage. The wooden structure will need to be looked after constantly.

A brick gazebo can be completely transformed using a variety of finishing materials. It will perfectly fit into any planned landscape

This gazebo is finished in the same way as the main building. A neat, small design that has everything inside for a pleasant stay

Before starting work, you need to decide on the type of building being built. This is a matter of principle, since the choice depends on the kind of foundation that is to be laid.

The closed gazebo-pavilion is spacious enough and comfortable so that a rather large company can easily accommodate in it

Capital gazebos are:

  • open, consisting only of the roof and pillars supporting it;
  • semi-open, in which only one or two of the four walls are present, usually with a barbecue or fireplace;
  • closed, in fact, being a small house like a summer kitchen.

When making a choice, it is worth making sure that the future building will not be discordant with the general landscape design of the site, but will harmoniously complement it.

A semi-open gazebo will be enough to fully enjoy your outdoor recreation. After all, the New Year happens only once a year, and there are much more holidays in warm seasons.

Step # 1 - preparatory work

The concept of the future building should have a single style solution with all buildings on the site. In addition, you need to decide what place for it can be allocated and estimate its shape and size according to your own needs and capabilities. Before you build your chosen brick gazebo, make a diagram of it. After all, if something goes wrong, the capital structure will be difficult to remake. Based on the diagram, it is more convenient to calculate the consumption of materials. No structural elements should be forgotten. Think about what kind of engineering communications you need.

Choosing the right place for the gazebo is half the battle. It is important not only that the building is surrounded by picturesque nature, but also the direction of the wind: smoke from a barbecue or fireplace should not bother anyone

We recommend that you carry out geodetic works before starting any solid construction on the site. This is a sensible precaution to avoid the trouble of quicksand and so on. When choosing a place for a summer kitchen with a barbecue, try to arrange it so that it does not interfere with anyone, take into account the wind rose, so that later there will be no quarrels with neighbors. It is important that there are no trees nearby that have a powerful root system that can damage the foundation in the future.

The site chosen for construction should be carefully prepared. The surface must be straight and leveled if necessary. Now, based on the building diagram, mark the site. Remove the fertile soil, which is about 20 cm: it will be useful for you for other needs.

We list all the basic tools and material that may come in handy.

  • pegs and nylon cord for marking;
  • roulette;
  • bayonet shovel for the foundation;
  • boards for the manufacture of formwork;
  • sand, cement, crushed stone;
  • fittings, knitting wire;
  • waterproofing;
  • trowel;
  • building level, plumb line;
  • welding machine;
  • concrete mixer;
  • metal pipes for strengthening the pillars of the gazebo;
  • brick;
  • beams and boards for roofing, roofing.

If, in accordance with the selected type of construction, any more materials are needed, the proposed list can be supplemented.

It is very important to use a level, plumb line and line during the laying process to check the geometry of the building. Errors made at the initial stage will lead to a distortion of the structure.

Step # 2 - building a suitable foundation

If the plan is to build an open building, then it will be possible to make both a columnar and a strip or solid foundation for it. It all depends on how large the total weight of the structure will be. I would not like the structure to be skewed later. If the brick gazebo is of a closed type, then there is no choice: you will have to build a solid slab foundation.

The slab foundation will withstand even a massive closed structure, but if the building is open and its weight is small, you can strengthen the base only where there will be a barbecue or fireplace

The columnar foundation will be built only under the pillars on which the roof of the structure will rest. For walls, a fireplace or a barbecue, you need a solid foundation, so even when choosing a strip or columnar foundation, you will have to make a solid foundation under them.

You can take a very nice brick semi-open gazebo and build it yourself. For it, we need a solid reinforced foundation. We are digging a foundation pit, the depth of which will be at least 1 meter. Do not forget about the summing up of utilities. We build the formwork, we place about 15 cm of crushed stone in the pit to form a pillow. We make the surface of the crushed stone even, tamp it and cover it with a layer of waterproofing material.

A concrete mixer is expensive, its use is justified only if there is a large construction site ahead, and this equipment will be constantly in demand. For small amounts of work, you can mix the solution manually

We prepare the cement mortar based on the following proportions: one part of cement, three parts of sand and five parts of crushed stone. You need to add enough water so that the resulting mixture is sufficiently fluid. About half of the required height of the future foundation is poured, after which the reinforcement is laid, tying its parts together with a special knitting wire. The remainder of the solution is poured out and leveled.

It is immediately necessary to install pipes that will serve as the center of the pillars that support the roof of the structure. The resulting foundation will gain strength in about 10-14 days. Do not let it dry out and crack.

Step # 3 - building brick walls

The first row of bricks is laid on the hardened concrete. For this, bricks are laid on the moistened base of the masonry cement mortar, consisting of 3 parts of fine sieved sand and 1 part of cement. Do not forget to apply the solution to the side surfaces, as well as use the construction plumb line and level. It is recommended to re-lay the waterproofing layer on top of the first row.

The first rows of masonry must be measured out especially carefully, because its quality and appearance depend on the correct start of the masonry. It is better to pre-lay out bricks without mortar

Next, layer by layer, we continue to build up the pillars and walls of the building. There are several ways to lay bricks. An open-type summer kitchen can be made with half-brick masonry or even in the form of a lattice of bricks, when the bricks are not stacked close to each other, but through the gaps. How to neatly and beautifully masonry, look at the video.

If the future gazebo will be of a closed or semi-open type, then the most commonly used method of laying is 1 brick. In this case, the bottom row of bricks is laid one brick thick, so that the long side is located across the masonry, and in the next row, the bricks are placed perpendicular to the bricks of the previous row.

The walls of the gazebo are growing just before our eyes. In order for this to happen in practice, when buying a brick, carefully check the seller's documents. Only a gazebo made of bricks, made in compliance with the norms, will become a real decoration of the garden

How exactly you need to lay out the columns is shown in the photo. In this case, four bricks are placed around the pipe. A space is formed between the pipe and the bricks, which must be filled with cement mortar. It is necessary to fill it in small portions. To attach the rafters to the pipes of the support pillars, it is most convenient to weld metal rods to them. You can watch the video again about the formation of the columns.

Internal work consists in arranging the floor of the gazebo and constructing a fireplace or barbecue. In this case, one barbecue was not enough, so it turned out to be a full-fledged summer kitchen with a three-channel pipe that can provide excellent traction. Neat paving slabs are used as flooring. The blind area around the structure itself will not allow rainwater to accumulate around it, which can wash away the foundation.

Step # 4 - building the roof structure

The roofs of the gazebos can be very different. But in this case we are talking about a hipped roof. To do it correctly, it is necessary to install a temporary stand in the center of the structure. Its purpose is to support the polygonal washer at the highest point of the structure. The rafters will be attached to the washer. The ends of the rafters opposite from the washer are fixed on the pillars supporting the roof.

The hipped roof shape is often chosen specifically for gazebos, but there may be options: a hipped roof, a gable, and even a single-pitched roof-wing

In order for the roof structure to be strong enough, cross-members must be installed at a certain distance (between one third or half) of the total length of the rafters. Additional rafter bars should be attached to them. They are placed just in the middle of each of the roof slopes, turning it into a kind of umbrella.

This hipped roof is from another gazebo, but it clearly demonstrates how this structure should look from the inside.

For each slope, the installation of the lathing is done separately. The lathing looks like boards that fit tightly together. The material for the roofing should be cut out in the form of triangles covering the roof sectors, exactly according to their size. The joints can be beautifully decorated with ready-made ridge elements or metal strips. They will be mounted over the joints.

In this case, a hipped roof of a gazebo is shown, covered with metal tiles, in the example given, flexible tiles are used. Both materials can be successfully applied

Such a ready-made gazebo can be built with your own hands in a relatively short time, if you wish

Our building is ready. As you can see, the gazebo turned out to be smart, comfortable and very functional. Of course, in such a summer kitchen you will not be able to celebrate the New Year, but it will be very pleasant to celebrate the May holidays here.

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Brick gazebo

What summer resident does not want to have a good solid gazebo on his backyard, providing full protection from the hot sun, rain or snow? Wooden, made of metal or brick. Let's see why they increasingly prefer to build brick gazebos at their dachas, what are the advantages of such a building.

Beginning of work

Planning the location of the gazebo

First, you need to perform a number of preparatory work. After creating a project on which it will be possible to realize all your desires regarding the gazebo and decide on its location, you can proceed to the construction process itself. Before the foundation is built, it is necessary to clear a place under the perimeter and outline the corners. It is necessary to remove about 200 mm of fertile soil, which can then be used for other purposes.

It is important to determine the construction site based on the operational functionality - if there is a brazier, where will the smoke go, whether the gazebo will be in harmony with the environment and nearby buildings, and so on.

The main stages of building a gazebo

After all the preparatory work, the construction of a gazebo with a barbecue, stove or barbecue begins.

For any type of gazebo and any type of oven, the construction steps are usually the same:

Site preparation for construction.

  • Preparation includes removing the topsoil.

Layout and construction of the foundation.

  • The foundation can be columnar, if the structure is made of wood or metal, or tape, if a heavy brick structure is assumed.
  • The foundation of such a structure as a summer cottage with a barbecue can be tape or columnar.
  • It is erected in the same way as for residential buildings. That is, a trench is dug, a sand cushion and foundation are arranged.
  • Formwork and fittings are being installed.
  • Then everything is poured with concrete.

Creation of framing or supports.

  • Support pillars are installed vertically, and then they are strapped (usually from above and below).

Construction of a barbecue, stove or other device.

  • If a decision is made to build a furnace independently, it is erected from chamotte (refractory clay), stone or metal according to a previously prepared scheme.
  • If it is supposed to use a ready-made structure, including a mobile one, they immediately proceed to the next stage.

  • In order for the combustion products to be discharged outside, and not accumulate under the roof of the gazebo, a chimney must be made of brick, tin or other metal.
  • The chimney is often laid out of bricks. However, you can save a little and make it out of tin. In this case, only two rows of bricks are laid above the firebox. A riveted chimney is placed on them.
  • Sometimes equipment is installed in open street structures-sheds without a chimney at all.
  • A conventional hood is often used as well. For a barbecue in a gazebo, a simple iron structure "umbrella" is best suited.
  • The hood is a simple system and, if desired, can be made independently.
  • Hang it from the ceiling on steel chains attached to the beams. It can be placed on racks over small barbecues.

  • Depending on the chosen shape of the gazebo, a roof is installed.
  • Most often, all work on the preparation of rafters is carried out on the ground, and then they are placed on the base.
  • A variety of materials can be used to decorate the roof: tiles, boards, plastic, etc.

  • The decoration and decoration of the building is the final stage of construction.
  • At this stage, the walls, floor, railings, windows, steps are decorated and other finishing works provided for by the project are carried out.

When building a brick gazebo, the following rules must be observed when laying the masonry:

  • Before starting laying, the foundation should be waterproofed.
  • Firewood and chimney are laid out of ordinary bricks on concrete mortar.
  • For the firebox, it is better to use fireclay. In the latter case, masonry is carried out on clay mortar.
  • In order to avoid drawing water out of the solution, bricks should be moistened before laying.
  • The evenness of the masonry using a building level and a plumb line must be checked every 3 rows.

It should also be noted that the gazebo should be warm.

In case of a cold snap, you can use special PVC curtains in the building.

If you do not intend to purchase such curtains, you can easily make them yourself - for this, purchase a PVC film, cut it in accordance with the dimensions of the openings, turn it over with a thick cloth, and subsequently equip eyelets on the edges. In order to fix these curtains inside the gazebo with a barbecue, thread a cord through the eyelets.

High-quality lighting is the key to a good mood.

If you take care of the bright lighting of the gazebo, then in tandem with the general lighting of the site, it will provide a harmonious and functional atmosphere.

It is important that the cooking area is illuminated especially brightly, while the table and the rest area can be equipped with adjustable lighting (in order to create the same special mood).

All these points should be taken into account even at the stage of preparing a project and a detailed construction plan.

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