Sowing calendar for June

Lunar Sowing calendar of the gardener-gardener for June 2021 by days. Favorable and unfavorable days for planting and growing plants at home and in the garden in June 2021.

Plants that produce terrestrial fruits


Root vegetables and legumes

The color in the table means what day it is for sowing:
A greatGoodNormalBadHorrible

Gardener's calendar for every day of June (coming soon)

Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2021

The 2021 summer cottage season will begin soon: preparation of seed, planting material, soil for seedlings. It's time to look into lunar sowing calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2021 to determine the timing and favorable days for the work.

The lunar sowing calendar 2021 is a real assistant for a modern gardener and gardener, always at hand, you can easily peek at the date of sowing seeds, picking seedlings, transplanting, caring for plants.

The location of the Moon in relation to the Earth affects all living organisms on the planet, and this energy affects the growth of plants.

Young growing moon - active phase of growth of the ground phase of plants, all plant juices are directed upwards.

Aging moon - active phase of growth of the underground part of plants (roots), all plant juices are directed downward.

Based on the above, all work in the garden and in the garden is recommended to be carried out, taking into account the influence of the moon on plants.

June 18 - Wonderful Day of Weed Killing

Many gardeners, gardeners and flower growers believe that weeds pulled out of the ground by their roots on June 18 will no longer grow in their former place. It was experimentally found that even the most weedy places in the summer cottage will be completely cleared of harmful vegetation if the weeds were removed on June 18th.

Don't believe me? And you try, put yourself a reminder on your phone or a tick in the calendar, because in 2021 the eighteenth is on Friday and after earning it is easy to forget about the Magic Day.

Gardening work depending on the phase of the moon

Discover optimal planting, fertilization, and cultivation times to maximize your success. The influence of the moon is based on the gravitational effect of the planet on soil and plant moisture (sap) and, to a lesser extent, on the effect of moonlight. Follow lunar cycles to optimize planting results.

  • New moon

During the new moon, which is 3 days - the day before, the day of the new moon and the day after. At this time, it is recommended to get rid of weeds and pests, do weeding, and fight plant diseases.

  • Waxing Crescent

The period when the Moon is in this phase is 11 days. This is a favorable time for loosening, pruning, planting. Since the growth of the upper part of the plant is especially active during this period, it is necessary to plant seedlings: ampelous and high-growing at the beginning of the phase, and squat plants are closer to the Full Moon.

  • Full moon

This period cannot be called exclusively unfavorable, but there are certain manipulations that should not be carried out these days. Among them are:

  1. Grafting and re-grafting.
  2. Pruning plants, including trees and bushes.
  3. Among the works that should be carried out on a full moon, the following are distinguished:
  4. Elimination of all types of pests.
  5. Weeding the beds and loosening the soil.
  6. Harvest.
  7. It is not forbidden to fertilize and feed indoor and garden plants.
  • Waning moon

This phase of the companion is considered very favorable for working in the garden and vegetable garden. The following works during this period will certainly be successful:

  1. Weed and insect control.
  2. Fertilizing the soil.
  3. Harvest.
  4. Seed collection.
  5. Elimination of "bad" twigs and leaves on plants.
  6. Planting and replanting crops.

The planting of seeds and crops is adversely affected by the days when the moon is in the phases of new moon and full moon. Solar and lunar eclipses also do not contribute to the rapid adaptation of plants.

Fresh articles for gardeners, gardeners and florists

Lunar planting calendar for June 2021

June 1st - Auspicious days for landing in June 2021. You need to plant fruit trees according to the Lunar calendar, especially cherries, plums and apricots. You can also plant decorative perennials in the garden.

2 June - A favorable period for planting heat-loving early-ripening cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini in open ground. You can cut out previously sown biennial seedlings.

June 3 - Continue the work of the previous day. You can carry out pruning and grafting in the orchard, loosen and mulch the ridges in the garden.

June 4th - A favorable day for re-sowing peas, you can plant grapes, climbing honeysuckle, climbing roses with ZKS in the garden.

June 5th - Full moon

A day for quiet contemplation: inspect the garden and vegetable garden, make a plan for the next work. Clean the tool and buy a new one if necessary.

June 6th - Auspicious June 2021 day. On this day, it is useful to feed tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, as well as fruit trees and shrubs. If necessary, carry out formative and sanitary pruning of roses and grapes.

June 7 - Favorable period for weeding garden and flower beds. After weeding, water and mulch the treated areas of soil.

June 8 - Continue the work of the previous day. It is useful to feed root crops and fruit trees, shrubs. Plants can be treated against diseases and pests. You can make various preparations for the winter.

the 9th of June - Unfavorable period of planting and transplanting plants, but you can make top dressing and cut roses.

June 10th - Auspicious day in June 2021 for collecting medicinal herbs and weeding the garden and flower garden. You can cut wood for firewood and mow the lawn.

June 11th - Water the greenhouses before 12.30, that is, before the onset of the unfavorable three-day period of working with water. You can mow the lawn.

12 June - Continue the work of the previous day. Do not plant or prune fruit trees or shrubs. You can start collecting medicinal herbs.

June 13 - If possible, if the weather is not hot, postponing watering the greenhouses until tomorrow.

June 14 - Unfavorable day for working with plants in general, it is better to rest and calmly coordinate your future plans regarding summer cottages.

June 15th - Auspicious day for weeding and mulching the vegetable garden and flower beds. Can be sprayed against diseases and pests. In greenhouses, carry out pinching of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

June 16 - Favorable period for planting shrubs with ZKS. During this period, you can cuttings. The best solution on this day would be pest control, says the sowing calendar for June.

17 June - The gardener's lunar calendar for June 2021 advises to continue the work of the previous day. If necessary, you can spray plants from diseases and pests, feed vegetables. This period is especially favorable for feeding root crops.

June 18 - Flowers cut these days for bouquets will stand for a long time, and medicinal herbs will retain their healing properties. Water the plants if the weather is hot.

June 19 - Planting and watering are not recommended. Plants can be treated against diseases and pests.

June 20 - Auspicious day for feeding flowers. you can also plant trees and shrubs with ZKS.

21 June - New Moon

Unfavorable day for working in the garden and in the garden, if necessary, you can mow the lawn.

22nd of June - The lunar sowing calendar for June 2021 advises harvesting cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers for food. The time is not good for pruning, but you can mow the lawn.

June 23rd - Auspicious day for the restoration of the lawn, you can sow the grass, plant fruit trees, collect medicinal herbs.

June 24 - On this day, the lunar sowing calendar for June 2021, continue the work of the previous day. Treat plants for diseases and pests if necessary. Medicinal herbs collected in the days of Leo will be especially powerful.

June 25 - Continue the work of the previous day. Auspicious day for the restoration of a damaged lawn. The collection of medicinal herbs is favorable until 20:00.

June 26 - Auspicious day for planting perennials with ZKS. You can sow the lawn and dig out the faded bulbs.

27th of June - Continue the work of the previous day. In greenhouses, carry out the formation and rationing of shoots, water the plants.

June 28 - A good day for working with any climbing crops: cut and feed cucumbers in the greenhouse, plant climbing roses and climbing honeysuckle in the garden.

June 29 - Favorable time to speed up the whiskers of garden strawberries. In the garden, you can cut dill, parsley, cilantro and other herbs for drying.

30 June - The day is favorable for the reproduction of garden and alpine strawberries, the formation of tomatoes and peppers. Fruit trees can be pruned and planted.

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Table of the best days for planting and sowing according to the lunar calendar for 2021

So, as we found out, according to the different phases of the moon, there are both favorable days for planting or working on your garden plot, and unfavorable ones.

Putting together such days, together with recommendations, make up the lunar sowing calendar.

Below is a table of such favorable days for sowing seeds of various garden plants.

However, there are also not entirely favorable days, or even generally unfavorable days, when no sowing, planting and other work is carried out. In 2021, these will be the following days:

These days are more about working with plants. Instead, you can do other jobs, such as preparing the soil, killing pests and weeds, composting, and more.

All of these dates are common to all plant species. However, for some cultures there are also more favorable dates when you can work with them.

So, for example, a calendar of work with plants such as onions, celery, eggplant, peppers and artichokes would look like this.

If you are planting different types of cabbage, then such a calendar will come in handy.

Auspicious days for planting and caring for various melons and gourds are shown in the following calendar.

Root crops occupy a special place among gardeners. Almost all gardeners grow these crops. In 2021, auspicious days for each of these cultures will be.

Many people like to grow herbs, which are then used for salads and spices.

Planting dates for potatoes and root parsley are shown in the following table.

Planting trees and shrubs is more timed to coincide with the spring or autumn periods. But you can also focus on favorable days for such work.

And at the end I would like to give a general table of favorable planting days for almost all crops grown in the garden.

Based on the data of such a table, you can draw up a work schedule for yourself, so that it would be convenient and correct to carry out all the plantings in your garden plot.

How to determine the right time, taking into account climatic conditions

In many regions, especially in those where the climate is not quite suitable for growing outdoors, people manage to work fruitfully, taking into account the varietal characteristics of the plants (a short summer implies early and super early varieties, as an opportunity to quickly get a harvest for their own needs and for sale).

On sale and on Internet portals, you can find recommendations for Siberia and the Urals, where the summer is short, but there are late frosts in spring and early frosts in autumn. Those who have been engaged in crop production for a long time can be guided by their own experience of planting in terms of dates, which are shifted when compared with the southern regions.

This practice is very popular among summer residents who grow crops for their own needs and those who grow crops for an industrial scale and make a profit. The importance of such a publication for April 2021 is beyond doubt. Although for the completeness of success, for the needs of the gardener in a problematic climate, the dates of the supposed end of spring frosts are also necessary.

The full name of such a calendar is the Calendar for gardeners of St. Petersburg - amateurs and professionals. It has a table for sowing and planting work, all the necessary tables, tips and guidelines for action in the garden, in the garden, for greenhouse cultivation.

Studying the lunar sowing calendar for Belarus, and not only for April 2021, but also for any calendar month, it can be noted in the same way that it is slightly different from that compiled for Central Russia, Siberia or the Urals. Astrologers attribute this to the location of countries on the planet and the location of the Moon in relation to the Sun and Earth.

Most gardeners and gardeners turn to the lunar calendar only to determine the optimal sowing dates, although in this natural schedule of coincidences and contradictions one can find favorable days for weeding, preparing the soil, pruning trees, treating harmful insects and common diseases.

In the modern world, many use the lunar calendar, phases and signs of the zodiac to determine the days of money transactions, hair cutting and dyeing, business and love meetings. Many of them are not fond of mysticism and astrology, they are simply sure that everything in the world is interconnected, and the attraction of the Moon largely influences the passage of all earthly processes.

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