What happens to everyday objects

What happens to everyday objects?

In Focus magazine some time ago, the degradation times of some everyday objects were reported. Let's see them together, you won't believe it! A cigarette butt without a filter takes about three months to degrade and the time goes up to one year if with the filter (because it contains cellulose acetate).

Same time a paper towel and fresh organic residues. Newspapers, cigarette boxes and kitchen matches take about six months, while paraffin-impregnated objects (glossy newspapers and matches) take about a year.

Longer times (about five years) for chewing gums and erasers and up to ten years for empty food cans. One hundred years for plastic bags made with PET and biodegradable polymers, to reach a thousand years and more for all non-biodegradable plastic objects. We therefore help our environment to keep itself clean for as long as possible ...

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