Vivisection, few rules, too much abuse

Article written by the lawyer. Rita Sivori

Animal testing is on the rise in Italy.

The Legislative Decree. 116/92 did not give the desired results.

Based on data provided by the Lav (Anti-vivisection League), with the use of about one million species every year, Italy is among the European countries most dedicated to animal testing.

Between 2006 and 2007 there were about nine new establishments authorized for vivisection a year.

Animal rights activists are wondering why the Ministry of Health continues to authorize this type of test and report the continuation of the university and teaching exercise which continues to be negatively characterized despite the fact that the use of live animals is allowed only in case of imperative necessity and despite being available numerous methods that allow to obtain results without the use of animals.

The appeal that arose is aimed at filling, also through the provision of the obligation to use the alternative means available, the gaps found in the Legislative Decree 116/92 which regulates the matter.

But let's examine in detail the legislation in force in our country in order to frame the related problems.

As mentioned, the Legislative Decree 116/92 has been the subject of numerous criticisms from those who would like a more responsible exercise of vivisection in Italy.

If on the one hand there are those who argue that the law in question is suitable for guaranteeing precise control and specific protection against the abuses perpetrated, on the other hand it has been stated that it constitutes a means of disguising an attitude in favor of the practices of laboratory.

In this regard, it is important to note that i current limits are often accompanied by exceptions designed to stem the obstacles posed by the legislator.

Although there is a ban that should prevent the use of pets and non-human primates and ensure that every experiment takes place in the presence of anesthesia, the same ban has been circumvented by the opportunity to obtain a specific authorization by submitting a specific request to the Ministry of Health.

The implementation of the experimentation in derogation, which should have been an exception, thus ended up becoming a rule.

The limits become even more flexible when dealing with other animal species: in such cases, it is sufficient to formulate a request by the establishment in which the activity will be carried out and the fulfillment of the mere burden of communicating the type of examinations that will be prepared internally.

To this must be added that the use of the practices in question should only take place when there is no possibility of obtaining the result through other means and it is envisaged that the need for the use of a specific species rather than another must be demonstrated. In reality, the obligations are fulfilled only in a marginal way through generic and circumstantial explanations.

In the absence of adequate checks, both preventively and retrospectively, the vivisectors themselves evaluate and certify their statements and establish their ethics and scientific value.

The almost total absence of controls is accompanied by the provision of a sanctioning regime consisting in the application of small fines and the non-existence of prison sentences.

On the basis of the analysis carried out, it must be concluded that, at the moment, vivisection is regulated by an insufficient law, not suitable for preventing or eliminating abuses, both in the phase of approval of the experiments and in the phase of control of the execution of the latter. .

The Ministry of Health, which is entrusted with the task of supervising the matter, does not seem to exercise effective control in practice, nor does it take into consideration the interests involved and the sufferings to which animals are subject.

If we consider that although the development of alternative methods currently available, mostly consisting of computer simulations, is growing considerably, their application is still very limited, it must be assumed that it would be useful to take action to tackle the problem in an incisive way. problem.

The exploitation of guinea pigs continues to enjoy indiscriminate application, justified by the emphasis that often accompanies the test results. Unfortunately, experience has shown that the initial enthusiasm, linked to the scientific discoveries obtained, did not find, in many cases, confirmation in the treatment of the diseases to which they were related (significant examples can be found regarding the proclaimed progress in the treatment of muscular dystrophy , cancer and allergic encephalitis which, in their concrete application, did not prove to live up to the expectations created).

It would therefore be desirable for the matter to be addressed with a more critical approach also by means of information that strives to be increasingly objective and moderate.

Comments posted by readers

1) Comment by Vittorio

Hello everyone, I am inspired by the in-depth analysis by Avv. Rita Sivori on stopping to finance the opening of new establishments authorized for animal vivisection, by sending an appeal to the Minister of Health Maurizio Sacconi (and Telethon) to use the money for a "REAL" research without the use and modalities in which they are today performed the experiments. In fact, every year many animals are poisoned, burned, blinded, shocked, hungry, mutilated, frozen, decerebrated, crushed, subjected to repeated electrical discharges through electrodes stuck in the brain and infected with any type of virus or bacterium, without any therapy to relieve pain. . I very much hope that this message that the lawyer Rita Sivori wanted to spread can help to bring "ENOUGH" to animal "TORTURE".

2) Anomine comment

I think it is a fair battle ... or rather a real war, considering that inside there are, as always, the various economic lobbies, pharmaceutical companies, various companies operating in the sector and so on. Supporting the fight against vivisection is a gesture of great civilization unlike those who practice it improperly. All this is even more disgusting where the Italian state itself authorizes such torture. In the end I believe that many more words are not needed but concrete facts and a single and strong movement to try to win this war.

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