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Greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg

It is convenient to work with us

Benefit. You buy a greenhouse directly from the manufacturer without trade margins

Experience. We have been manufacturing greenhouses for many years and have achieved high skill in this - our greenhouses are reliable, easy to use and durable.

Guarantee. We give a guarantee for all our products. Greenhouse frames are made of galvanized pipes with reliable corrosion protection, and the coating is made of high-quality polycarbonate of at least 4 mm with protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation

A large assortment. You can easily select the greenhouse that best suits your needs and capabilities.

Delivery. Our own delivery service will bring the greenhouse to your dacha at exactly the agreed time

Professional assembly. Despite the simplicity of the assembly of our greenhouses, you can order a professional assembly of the purchased greenhouse by our specialists.

Convenience of payment. Cash, by card through the terminal, wire transfer to the company's details (we work with VAT) - whatever is more convenient for you. Payment is possible at the time of delivery.

Convenience of ordering. You can choose and order a greenhouse online on our website or by phone, having received comprehensive advice without leaving your home. On the other hand, if you like to "touch the goods with your hands", you can easily do this at our product exhibition at 35 Marshal Kazakov, during working hours

System of discounts and bonuses. Discounts start from the second greenhouse, and each buyer you bring increases them.

Installment payment. No interest, no bank, with a minimum down payment

Free storage. In the off-season, buying can be especially beneficial. And, if you have nowhere to store the purchased greenhouse before the start of the season, our warehouse is at your service. Is free.

We offer

Strong "Standard" and Strong "Reinforced"

Height - 2 meters, width - 3 meters;
Length 4, 6, 8 meters and more (discreteness 2 m)
The distance between the arcs is 1 m for the Standard and 0.65 m for the Reinforced
Double galvanized square tube 25 x 25
3 horizontal rails for screed construction
2 doors, 2 vents


Height - 2.1 m; width - 3 m;
Length - 4, 6, 8, 10 m
Distance between arcs: 0.65 m.
Galvanized steel profile 25 * 25 (base, ends, arches), doors, vents and ties (20 * 20)
7 longitudinal ties + 2 bases
2 doors, 2 vents

Sudarushka "Standard" and Sudarushka "Elite-strengthened"

Height - 2 meters, width - 3 meters
Length 4, 6, 8 meters and more (discreteness 2 m)
The distance between the arcs is 1 m - at the Standard and 0.65 m at the Elite-Reinforced
Galvanized square tube 30 x 30
3 horizontal rails for screed construction
2 doors, 2 vents
8-meter greenhouse included a partition to increase rigidity

Birch "Standard" and Birch "Reinforced"

Height - 2 meters, width - 2.1 meters
Length 4, 6, 8 meters and more (discreteness 2 m)
The distance between the arcs is 1 m for the Standard and 0.65 m for the Reinforced
Galvanized square tube 20 x 20
3 horizontal rails for screed construction
2 doors, 2 vents
8-meter greenhouse included a partition to increase rigidity

Baby "Standard" and Baby "Reinforced"

Height - 1.65 meters, width - 2 meters
Length 4, 6, 8 meters
The distance between the arcs is 1 m for the Standard and 0.65 m for the Reinforced
Galvanized square tube 20 x 20
3 horizontal screed rails
1 door, 1 window

Severyanka "Standard" and Severyanka "Strengthened"

Height - 2 meters, width - 3 (2.5) meters
Length 4, 6, 8, ... meters
The distance between the arcs is 1 m for the Standard and 0.65 m for the Reinforced
Galvanized square tube 25 x 25
3 horizontal screed rails
2 doors, 2 vents

Droplet "Standard" and Droplet "Reinforced"

Height - 2.4 meters, width - 3 (2.7) meters
Length 4, 6, 8, ... meters
The distance between the arcs is 1 m for the Standard and 0.65 m for the Reinforced
Galvanized square tube 25 x 25
20 x 20 mm (doors, longitudinal ties)
3 horizontal screed rails
2 doors, 2 vents

Greenhouse "Fazenda"

4m and 6m
Frame: durable LDPE pipes, corrosion-resistant, 20 mm in diameter
Covering material "SUF-42". Greenhouse arcs are sewn into the covering material

Greenhouse "Khlebnitsa"

Length 2100 mm
Width 1050 mm
Height 750 mm
Coating: cellular polycarbonate
Frame: galvanized metal profile 20x20 mm, not afraid of corrosion, withstands a load of at least 80 kg / sq m

Slate beds

Stripes size:
- 1500x300x8 mm
- 1750x250x8 mm
- 1750x300x8 mm
Extremely economical option for creating even, comfortable beds

Greenhouse foundation beams

section 100x100 mm, length 4, 6, 8, 10 m
A simple and high-quality solution for installing a greenhouse
Having a solid foundation, the greenhouse becomes much tougher and more resistant to loads, in addition, contact of the frame with the ground is excluded, which significantly improves its anti-corrosion resistance. The timber is impregnated with an antiseptic

About company

The World of Greenhouses company has been producing polycarbonate-coated greenhouses and greenhouses for over 11 years, as well as various metal structures for the garden and home.

All these years, we have been constantly working on the quality of our products, taking into account the wishes and feedback of our customers, which we value and are guided by when developing new models.

Our greenhouses are easy to assemble, reliable and durable. Their average service life is 10 years without repair. And for 2 years we give a guarantee

All our greenhouses are manufactured using modern high-precision equipment and are tested for snow and wind loads.

Before the release of products, tests are required. Strict control over the observance of technological processes is carried out. The production uses modern high-precision equipment.

Economical slate beds

"Garden-vegetable garden-flowers" - a new channel on Yandex.Dzene from "SPb Vedomosti"

In January 2021, following numerous requests from our readers, we opened a special channel on Yandex Zen. It is called "Garden-vegetable-garden-flowers" and contains tips, tips, little tricks for summer residents, gardeners, gardeners and amateur flower growers.

For many years the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" has been taking care of St. Petersburg gardeners and gardeners, publishing the thematic strip "Dachniki" twice a month. We share with our readers all their out-of-town concerns, talk about new agricultural technologies, provide expert opinions and advice on gardening, gardening, and growing flowers. When the audience of the rubric reached hundreds of thousands of people, we collected the best and most popular materials from different years under one book cover. Rather, under two covers, since two wonderful books have been published: the collection “Garden-vegetable garden. Spring / summer ”and the collection“ Garden-vegetable garden. Autumn winter". You can still buy them in our online store, in the editorial office at 25 Marata Street, in bookstores in Russia.

Now useful information is published on our new channel in Yandex.Zen "Garden-vegetable-garden-flowers". All materials are written for the general public, they do not contain "heavy" scientific terminology. Everything is told in an intelligible, understandable language. Here are the titles of some of the articles that are certainly important for any summer resident:

As a reminder, in 2019, the first channel of the SPb Vedomosti newspaper in Yandex.Dzene, the SPb Vedomosti Lecture Hall, was launched with great success. Regular popular science publications on history, science and art have proven to be in demand and attract tens of thousands of readers every day. This is not surprising, because today the Internet is full of thematic articles, collections, "expert advice" and the like. But what if you need reliable - reliable - information? Of course, turn to real sources - to the newspapers. For example, to a publication with a long history and impeccable reputation, where the rubrics have existed for years, and the competence of the publications has been verified by hundreds of thousands of readers. That is, to the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti". And the newspaper, keeping pace with modern technologies, uses the Internet to make its useful and informative articles available to the entire multimillion audience of the Russian Internet. Of the reputable and authoritative Russian daily editions, the SPb Vedomosti newspaper is perhaps the first to embody the idea of ​​a popular format at such a professional level. And the readers respond to the newspaper with mutual trust and support!

New varieties of Dutch cucumbers for 2020

The most productive hybrids are taken into account by gardeners. But breeders are constantly updating the line, offering promising types of crops for planting in various climatic zones.

  • Ceres - intended mainly for cultivation in winter greenhouses. High-yielding, lettuce type, resistant to powdery mildew. Zelentsy grows up to about 28-33 cm, weight - 420-450 grams. The first batches of fruits are removed after 38-40 days.
  • Oscar -
  • Garn is marketed by Monsanto. It is included in the group of mid-maturing, admitted to cultivation in all regions of the Russian Federation. Included in the State Register in 2018. According to reviews - a tasty and fruitful hybrid, with proper agricultural technology, it gives in a greenhouse at 16.7-18 kg / m²
  • Chopin - this hybrid has large tuberous fruits, even, with a characteristic aroma. Dina - 13-14 cm, weight - 80-120 g. A very powerful and climbing plant, it is better to plant it in greenhouses on trellises. Dominance of female flowers, no pollination required
  • Yildo - This fruitful hybrid is recommended for fresh food and salads. Cucumbers are smooth, with a uniform structure, glossy dark green skin. Length - 20 cm Grows well in greenhouses, stands out among other salad hybrids with shade tolerance
  • Shakti is a new hybrid from Rijk Zwaan. In a short period of time, he managed to earn many excellent reviews from summer residents and farmers. Zelentsy with large tubercles, good rich taste, suitable for salting and preservation. In length - 8-9 cm, with a dense structure and characteristic aroma
  • Miamara - the variety is recommended for growing in open-air ridges. Characteristics: early recoil of zelents, stability, shade tolerance. The novelty has received many positive reviews from summer residents. They note the beautiful appearance of cucumbers (the skin is small-knobby, with "shine"), resistance to diseases. With irregular gatherings, the greens do not go into the "barrel", do not turn yellow, do not lose their taste.

The range of hybrids and varietal forms of cucumbers bred from the Netherlands is presented on the Russian market in full. An experienced summer resident, a farmer, and those who are just mastering the wisdom of planting and growing this crop will be able to pick up cucumbers for themselves. In any case, the firms guarantee excellent germination, high yield rates, excellent taste of zelents.

11 differences of the New greenhouse "Tulip Premium" from the old Tulip 2017:

  • Cardinally new innovative system of guides "AntiStorm"
  • Simplified greenhouse assembly process
    (forgives minor errors when assembling the frame)
  • 100% guarantee against wind and snow loads
  • No need for foundations, beams, etc. for greenhouses up to 6m long
  • Eliminated sticking of sheets during the accumulation of condensate
  • Polycarbonate protection for sliding sections
  • Polycarbonate fasteners in the guides
  • Increased frame rigidity
  • Video instruction included
  • In places of sliding sections of polycarbonate installed
    rubber seals
  • Extended warranty period

7 most amazing greenhouses in the world

A greenhouse is an artificial ecosystem that allows you to grow more southerly crops all year round, plant and harvest ahead of time.
In Russia, with its harsh climate, greenhouses are most widespread. It is difficult to find an area where this structure of iron and glass or its substitute towers. Intersperses of artificial ecosystems have climbed far beyond the Arctic Circle and "expanded" the habitat of southern plants. This article will focus on not quite ordinary greenhouses.
Royal conservatory in Laeken
Located at the Royal Castle of Laken in Brussels (Belgium), the greenhouse complex covers an area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters. The greenhouses were built at the behest of King Leopold of Belgium in the 19th century and include, among other things, a church and a domed greenhouse-chapel. Visitors to the "royal greenhouse" are allowed once a year, during the mass flowering of "greenhouse" plants.

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3

Paradise project
This artificial biosphere is located in Cornwall, South West England. Since its first opening (2001), this giant greenhouse has already been visited by more than 6 million people. The artificially created biomes of this greenhouse house about a million plants from all over the world and from different climatic zones.
The iron frame made of pipes in the form of honeycombs with plastic windows made it possible to abandon the columns supporting the vault. The biome of the rainforest alone is about 1,600 square meters. At the same time, the dome reaches a height of 55 meters with a length of 200 meters and a width of 100 meters! 43% of the total amount of water required to irrigate all this plant biodiversity is covered by rainwater, which is captured using special water intakes.

Crystal palace
The Crystal Palace was located in London's Hyde Park and was probably one of the largest structures in the world, built of iron and glass. The Greenhouse Palace was built at the end of the 19th century by Prince Albert to host the fair. Thus, the prince decided to "boast" the industrial achievements of Great Britain in front of delegates from other countries. The crystal palace simultaneously houses more than 13,000 exhibitions, which have been attended by over 6 million people.
After the closure of the fair, the palace was moved to the south of London, and dismantled at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is difficult to come up with more original ideas to live in a "greenhouse". You can grow vegetables and fruits right at home. To make the house more comfortable at dusk, there is a movable wooden frame 28 meters long. I think that the owners living in this house have the impression that they have returned to the bosom of nature.

Greening the Sahara
In cold countries, greenhouses, greenhouses and hotbeds are built to artificially create a warmer environment for plant organisms. In hot countries, the opposite is true. Greenhouse - acts as a saving screen that protects plants from hot and dry air. The evaporated moisture remains in the closed system of the greenhouse.
An ambitious Sahara greening project is currently at the design stage. The creators of the project are going to receive water necessary for irrigating plants and humidifying the air of the "greenhouses" by distilling seawater. Distillation will take place due to the energy of the Sun. Similar greenhouses are already operating in Tenerife, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The Dutch company Zonneterp decided to build an artificial closed ecosystem. The essence of the project is as follows. Most greenhouses remove excess heat by opening windows. The Dutch think that this is not rational. They propose to remove excess heat through streams. This heat is accumulated and used to heat the greenhouse at night and during the cold season. The stored heat is also sufficient for heating several buildings. Evaporating excess clean moisture should not be wasted either. It will condense and flow into the drinking water supply system.

Land of Thanet
The Land of Thanet will probably be the largest greenhouse in the world. It will be possible to cover 80 football fields with glass necessary for its construction. Using hydroponic technology, 90 hectares of "fields" (you cannot say otherwise) greenhouses will cost 80 million pounds. This giant greenhouse has room for 1.3 million tomato, pepper and cucumber plants.The greenhouse will produce 2.5 million tomatoes per week!

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